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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I've been stressing out lately about sending Nathan to preschool when he's three and he's only 19 months old (almost)! Isn't that silly?

I'm beginning to become concerned because Nathan's used to being home with me and placing him into such an unfamiliar environment for any length of time is terrifying for me to think about. I'm afraid of what the world holds for him and how he'll be received (without me). He's safe at home and free from ridicule.

While talking to another mom, who also happens to have a daughter with the same designer genes, I told her that if Nathan didn't have Down syndrome he would be going to preschool ~ no questions asked. She said, "then you have to send him." She's right. I treat Nathan just like I would any other child and this is no different. My greatest fear is not being there for him if he needs me. Even typing this is difficult for me ~ just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach. I can't protect him from everything in the world and I need to let him learn and play with the other kids. It's another crossroads in the world of tough decisions that are not easy to make.

What I've decided to do is ease Nathan into being away from me ~ ok I'm easing myself into it too. I'm going to try and find a program where Nathan can just play with kids for a few hours a few days a week beginning in the fall. Not a program for children with special needs (which would be free) but a traditional setting where he can interact with all types of children without mommy. I'm not sure where that's going to be but I'll figure it out. If we start now by the time he's three we'll both be prepared for a few days of preschool a week (not everyday).

I just can't believe that Nathan is old enough for me to be making these sorts of decisions. Time really goes so fast!


heidi marie said...

no it's not weird to worry about. if i let myself...i will freak out about it. school scares me like crazy. it's going to be a challenge for both of us in so many ways.

but i think it's a great idea to find a program for transitioning. i look to do it next year with henry.

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Hello my friend, This post could of being written by me!!!! I feel the same way you do, I too im looking for a little play group two mornings a week and its really kills me to think I will have to leave him somewhere - but Keaton will be going to pre-school in 2011 so I have to prepare him, however hard it may be!
One thing that reassures me is that Keaton absolutely loves being around other children so I just know Im doing the right thing!
Im going to be soooo lost without him those two mornings a week but im sure I will find something to do! *Grin* God bless and hugs to Nathan!

datri said...

Yep, they grow up so fast! I can't believe Kayla will be going to Kindy!

I don't think in NY you HAVE to send your kid to PreK in order to get services. I remember something about that highlighted in the Parent's Guide to Special Education. Of course, the school district/county strongly recommend it so they don't have to go out and find someone to do itinerant services.

My older daughter received itinerant services at her private Montessori school during PreK, so that is also an option.

Lianna said...

It wasn't long ago that I was dealing with all the same fears as you've stated when thinking about preschool for Nathan.

Gabriel attended preschool, three mornings per week, for 2 1/2 hours each day. There were no other children with obvious special needs. I think one of his little friends has a attention deficit disorder, but mostly, it was a preschool of typical children.

For the first two to three weeks, it was very hard. Gabe cried, I cried. But we perservered. And looking back, I am so PROUD of myself for letting go and believing in society. Gabriel had a wonderful experience -- and I would do it in a minute, again!

Gabriel will attend Junior Kindergarten in the fall and sure, all those familiar fears are coming back, even as I post my comment. BUT I understand more than ever that sometimes the worst thing I can do for Gabe is to protect him from the world. One day, he has to live in it without me. And, you know what? He can! ;)