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Friday, August 7, 2009

A Bird Pooped on Nathan!!!

My sister and I have wanted to take the kids to The Great Escape all summer and yesterday we did!

The first thing we did inside the park was have lunch in the shade. My sister & Emily had finished their food and went to enjoy a ride while we were finishing up. I turned my head away from Nathan to get him another bite and when I turned back around I saw this deep purplish black stuff all over his hand! I was like, "what the heck is that!" I immediately took it off with a napkin and started looking at what it was. I began to see what looked like little seeds and I still had no idea it was poop. Then, I looked down on Nathan's stroller and saw more and some of it was white! I knew right then it was bird poop! YIKES! It was a good thing I had just replenished the hand wipes and that Nathan didn't put that in his mouth! I mean he was eating lunch and it did land on his hand! OH YUK!

Once I figured it out I was frantic to clean it up but then began laughing my butt off when I sister text messaged me from the air high above the park about the things we do for our kids (she's a little afraid of heights and she was on the ski lift chair) and here I am cleaning up bird shit off my son!!! The things we do as moms... hahahaha

Needless to say, we are playing the lotto for tomorrow nights drawing, which is $102 million (Nathan's birthday 1/02) Too cool!

Having so much fun is exhausting! That Little Devil tried to wake him up!!!

1 comment:

Lianna said...

OK. You better go out and buy that lotto ticket! When I read your post title, I immediately thought of that belief of bird poop luck!

I have to tell you that I understand the whole laughter thing. Years ago, my sister and I were at a beach sunning. A bird pooped on my sister's head! She went into the lake, about up to her knees and bent over to rinse her hair.

Anyway, the back clasp on her bathing suit top broke! And I have to tell you that my sister is quite large chested! Well!

I have never ever laughed so hard in my life. Not only was I ripped up over the bird poop, but seeing her run to her towel, clutching her top to her chest, made me so weak with laughter that I couldn't even help her!!!

Gee, I still laugh over that day...She doesn't, of course. ;P

I guess for my sister, a bird pooping on her head wasn't so lucky! LOL!