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Monday, August 17, 2009

Crawling Is for Babies!

I've been promising family members from various parts of the country video of Nathan walking and I'm finally coming through ~ my apologies. I've been meaning to post these but Nathan was sick all last week with a virus.

I'm so proud of Nathan's progress! The first video is from August 10th ~ the second is from August 13th and as you'll notice, Nathan was unable to stand up well by himself in the first video but three days later that all changed. You'll also see that in the second video Nathan is still doing some crawling ~ not anymore!!!! He has gotten so good at standing when he falls that he's pretty much stopped crawling! So cool ~ all in a week!!! He's just amazing!!


Nathan has also begun to verbalize much more. Last Saturday, we were eating breakfast and he burped. As usual, I said, "say, excuse me." Normally, Nathan would have signed "sorry," which is the same as excuse me but not this time. Nope, this time he said, "cuse me!" I sat there stunned ~ started to tear up. Thank God Danny was standing there too because I may have just thought I was hearing things but when I looked at him he said, he heard it too!!! My little man said "cuse me!"

Later that day, he was hanging out with his grandmother and mimicked "ouch!" He's still saying ouch and he said out yesterday but he has not said cuse me since. What's really exciting is that he's beginning to verbally mimic on command. We are so proud of you Nathan!!!



Anonymous said...

OMG...his little feet are going so fast like he is about to TAKE OFF...so stinking cute! So proud of you 'Lil man.
love you, Aunt Nikki

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Hello my dear Nathan..... I have tears in my eyes watching you run around - you are so darn cute and you are so quick on your feet! You are adorable!
Kandi - I can just imagine how proud you and Danny must be - you have a beautiful family!
God bless you always!
Megs and Keaton

Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

You would seriously think that kid had been walking for months the way he is trotting around! Amazing! Seems like once he decides to do something, there is nothing stopping him. Wonder where he gets that???

Tina DeSanto said...

Way to go Nathan!!
Dan & Kandie, Derek and I always keep up on Nathans blog and when I showed him the video of Nathan walking he said" MaMa I love baby Nathan he's so cute!"