Nathan is Hebrew and means "gift from God" - we couldn't have been more blessed than to have been chosen as his parents!

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Big Steps for our Little Guy!

Lately, Nathan just seems like such a big boy! What a fun age! Daddy taught him how to play hoop (one of his favorite sports)! As you'll see from this video, Nathan has the concept of the game but thinks his ball pit balls are way cooler to dunk!

We've been focusing on, and encouraging Nathan, to play with toys that require him to stand. These are the most recent toys to be added to his collection and he loves them. He really loves the doorway because it has a lot of music stimulating activities, the lights work and he crawls through the door. He tries to duck but usually hits his head ~ he'll get there!

I got it!!! Nathan is finally using his pointer finger!!! He has, until now, been resistant to using his pointer because he was taught a cute little song that required him to use his thumb to point at himself and therefore used his thumb to push things. We've been trying very hard to change this behavior. I tried red finger nail polish on his pointer and downloaded cool pointing games on my IPhone but Nathan decided the timing. YEAH! We're still developing the skill but he's got it! I'm so excited.....so funny what makes me happy these days.


Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

That is one talented kid you have there! I love how he giggles while playing basketball and then claps for himself-- so cute! Mairead is really into clapping for herself, too. Maybe we adults should congratulate OURselves when we do something great, too!

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Nathan, you are just so adorable, I have tears of joy and pride watching you in both the video clips! I love the way you clap after you have dunked the balls, you deserve all the praise in the world kiddo!!!! You have an electrofying smile! God bless and well done! Kandi - your love and hard work with Nathan is certainly paying off, I admire your patience, determination and absolute love you have for your beautiful son! Megs and Keaton