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Friday, October 2, 2009

Buddy Walk ~ Here We Come!!!

The Buddy Walk is Sunday and Team Terry's balloons have arrived!! I can't wait to see the strong Team Terry presence at the walk ~ Nathan truly has a HUGE team just seeing the sea of balloons is going to be very moving.

I purposely had these balloons made in red so they don't match anything at the walk! I wanted them to stand out ~ I wanted Nathan's support system to be obvious and it will be!

I would like thank all of you that are attending, volunteering and those of you that have sent and collected pledges on behalf of the Resource Center. I'll post about the amount of money raised on behalf of Nathan and in general but I can tell you right now ~ it's substantial. Our friends and family stepped it up! YOU ARE ALL AWESOME!!! Thank you for loving our family and supporting Nathan.

Funny story about why men generally don't dress children. As I did last year, I had Nathan's Buddy Walk shirt made ~ the preordered shirts are way too big for him. This year, it took some time for the employees behind the counter to get the airbrushing machine to work so I decided to go for coffee.

When I returned, the employee said, the shirt was ready and this is what he gave me (see below pic) ~ notice anything funny? The logo is on the back of his shirt ~ not the front ~ where it should have been!!

When I pointed this out to the kid behind the counter he said that his boss told him that was the front because the buttons were there! Most guys don't wear turtlenecks so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt! :-)

We got it right now!

Nathan might just dance through the Buddy Walk! If you notice a little jumping in the camera, it's me laughing!!


Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

He's got a whole routine going there, huh? Glad to see that Chopper is in on the action, too! Toddlers are so much fun-- a lot of work-- but SO fun! Have a great time this weekend- we will be thinking of you!

datri said...

Beautiful weather for a Walk! (we'll be in NYC for the Romp for Research) Love your Buddy Walk shirts!