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Friday, October 16, 2009

My First Day at Toddler School

In preparation for Nathan's big debut at toddler school, he got his hair cut, mommy bought him lots of new school clothes, and Mommy & Daddy made him his very own school bag! When I was looking for patches to put on his new bag I discovered, there was almost nothing for boys!!! I was able to find some sport patches but that's it ~ there were two aisle of patches for girls!! I'm going to go back and see if I can find some music patches. Nathan loves music so that would be fitting. Daddy did the hot gluing and burned himself more times than he'd probably care to admit! :-) It was a fun family project for our big boy!!Daddy met us at school and had the honor of taking his little boy to his first big day!!! I love this picture. When we arrived at the classroom, Nathan walked in and walked away from us! He was like, "see you later mommy and daddy ~ I've got friends now!" We stood there talking to his teachers for quite some time while Nathan played with the other kids in the classroom. At one point he turned and noticed us, ran over to his daddy and when Danny picked him up, he wanted to be put right back down and off he went. He was interested in playing with the other children ~ it was awesome!!

After about 10 minutes, I returned to the classroom and heard his teacher correct him for throwing toys ~ yep, that's a problem! Nathan throws everything. I'm glad to have his teachers working on this too.

After we left the school, I went home picked up and then hit the gym!! At about 11:15am, my phones rings ~ it was school! Not good. I was totally frightened. What could have happened? Did Nathan choke on his apple (snack for the day)? Did he fall in the indoor play area? Within seconds my head is swirling. No, he fell asleep!!! Oh thank God that was it!

My first motherly instinct was to go pick him up but then I thought, Nathan needs to get used to this and if I go get him he's only going to wake up anyway. Knowing how this would all play out, I asked his teacher to wait a few minutes and wake him up ~ see how he does. If he's still cranky ~ I'll come get him. We can ease into this slowly. No problem. Then I asked her if she had a camera? Yep! I could resist!! lol

Sleeping beauty...

About 30 minutes later my phone rang again ~ it was the school letting me know Nathan had woken up on his own about 15 minutes later and was "happy as a clam!" YEAH! He just needed a power nap. He gets up to darn early. It's almost 6:00am now and he's been stirring in his room for about 20 minutes now. How is he going to get through today? His teachers also took a few more pictures of his first day!! I was so excited! They are doing colors for the month and this weeks color is yellow ~ Nathan actually needs to wear something yellow to school today. How cute! This is exactly what I wanted for Nathan ~ little friends and a fun learning environment.When I picked him up he was very sleepy and a little upset. His teachers shared with me that he had a great day. They also shared the cutest story~ when Nathan was very tired and a little upset during the morning another boy came over to him, (while he rested his head on the teachers shoulder) rubbed his back and began singing twinkle twinkle little star!! The teachers were really moved by the show of compassion for their new fellow classmate. So sweet.

I'll keep you posted! So far ~ so good!


Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

So many great pictures! I LOVE the one of Danny walking him to school, and his new haircut is so cute! Looks like that school is a great place and that the staff is so caring. How did you find the school? Also, I am very intrigued by your comment on my blog... I will stay tuned!

Lianna said...

Oh, the pictures are wonderful and your update is awesome. It sounds to me like Nathan is right where he is suppose to be!

For Nathan to fall asleep there, he must feel very comfortable.

All good signs! I was hoping for an update and I am happy that the transition is going very well!

John and Michelle said...

Sounds like his first day was a success. Yay for Nathan. School is so much fun. Glad you found a great program for him. Looking forward to hearing more. :)

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Oh Kandi - how wonderful! Im so happy things went so well! Wow! He looked too adorable and what lovely teachers he has! Im sure he is going to be very very happy there! Good job Nathan! Lots of Love, Megan and Keaton