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Monday, December 14, 2009

Double Trouble

As I mentioned in a previous post, Nathan wasn't feeling well last week ~ we thought it was the H1N1 booster. Turns out, he has a double ear infection. When I took him to the doctor last week and they shared this delightful news with me, I decided since this was ear infection number three since November, that was quite enough. We had to do something else.

Nathan never experienced a single ear infection until two weeks after he began school and it's been hanging around ever since. The pediatrician informed me that the normal course of treatment is: "once a child has six ear infections in six months they recommend a child see an ENT." We're not waiting.

I explained my concern that Nathan's ear canals are very small because of his Ds, and waiting could cause permanent hearing loss and that's just not an option (if we can help it). He's on his last round of antibiotic and we've scheduled an appointment with the only pediatric ENT in our area. Nathan may need tubes in his ears ~ we'll see in January.

On another note, Danny took Nathan to the doctor again Saturday because we found a lump on his neck. When I spoke to our nurse, she thought it was just a swollen lymph node because Nathan's been sick, but wanted to have the doctor check it to be certain. We explained the lump was soft and movable and when the Doctor saw the lump he agreed. Nothing to worry about! YEAH.

Nathan is getting to the age where he needs to be tested for Leukemia, and Danny and I are on heightened alert. We're watching his balance, his infections, his sleep patterns, and much more. We'll deal with what comes but are praying like crazy God spares Nathan of having to go through this. It's our Christmas wish this year.


Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

I have to say that I feel guilty complaining about my boys health issues when you have so much more on your plate, and you handle it so well. I hope and pray that Nathan gets a clean bill of health. He is so lucky to have amazing parents like you two!

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Hello dear Nathan, I just love your new header photo on your blog - just so beautiful! Please tell your mommy that we are praying for a clean bill of health for you and that GOD has amazing plans for you, always keep the faith and the hope! Im sorry you have not been feeling well and I hope that your mommy gets you in to a ENT soon! Mommy is always right - listen to your instinct and always follow your heart! Sending you big hugs precious Nathan! Megan and Keaton