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Monday, December 14, 2009

The Gifts I'll Treasure This Christmas

Most children write letters to Santa for Christmas, some even write short books, depending on how big their hand writing is or how long their list is! :-) Some of those children sent their letters to the North Pole while some tucked them under their pillow in hopes that Santa might just know what they want.

Most of these children will probably receive all that their little heart desires but there will be some that won't. I've been thinking a lot lately about those children ~ the children who today are sitting in orphanages with no mommy and daddy to love them, children who are in abusive families, children in families that simply can't afford gifts, and those battling life threatening illnesses. Although, it breaks my heart, it also keeps me humble and thankful for the blessings and "gifts" in my life.

This year the gifts I'll treasure most on Christmas can't be purchased from any store or come wrapped in pretty paper. They're so much better!!

I'll treasure the gift of waking up on Christmas morning next to the most wonderful husband in the world. I'll treasure the gift of my son and experience the joy of watching him open up his gifts. I'll treasure the gift of my niece; I can hear her little voice already when she calls me on the phone, "Merry Christmas Aunt Kandi ~ When are you coming over? Santa came!!"

I'll treasure the gift of family as we gather together for Christmas coffee, with our singing mugs, and again for Christmas dinner as we share our peppermint punch.

I'm going to treasure these gifts and much more as we celebrate one of the greatest holiday of the year ~ the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. The reason for the season....May your Christmas be filled with the spirit of Christ and His blessings.


Lianna said...

Kandi, this is such a beautiful message. Recently, we purchased a little boardbook called, The Story of Christmas. Because it is a boardbook the story is simple but the message is clear. It is Baby Jesus' birthday.

We've been reading it to Gabe, and funny enough, he's been giving out the few presents under the tree to us, singing Happy Birthday and then saying Merry Christmas! It's really cute.

I wanted to thank you for the most cute Christmas card! I received it today! And it is up on our fireplace mantel. Thank you!

Best of wishes for a very Merry Christmas and Joyful 2010!

Lee, Gabe and Terry K

Lianna said...

PS. Can't wait to see Nathan Christmas photos!♥

Lianna said...

Hey Kandi! Update please! No pressure...LOL!

Listen, I read your comment on my blog and I am SO HAPPY! Signing Time rocks -- I bet that Nathan really gets into it. Oh my, we even sing some of the songs we know by heart with Gabe!

Hope you had a GREAT Christmas. Wanted to let you know that you and your boys "joined" us for Christmas dinner. Your card was on our dining buffet. :)