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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Picky Eater ~ Not So Fast....

Nathan has been very busy lately ~ his social calendar is amazing. So, we've been absentee bloggers once again! Let me give you a little update.

Nathan is beginning to become a fussy eater at dinner (not lunch or breakfast ~ just dinner). It's been going on for a few weeks now and I'm really anxious for him to move past it because I'm becoming concerned he's not getting the nutrition he needs. Dinner is our meat and veggie meal and he wants no part of it. He didn't even want food at Thanksgiving!!

What's interesting about this picky eating situation, is that Nathan isn't taking a "no thank you, I don't like that, bite." He's looking at the plate and determining it's not what he wants right from the onset and turning his head.

At first, I was making him a grilled cheese sandwich or anything he eat for that matter but then I stopped. I'm not really interested in allowing Nathan to control what he eats every day and I'm not crazy about him eating only a few select foods for dinner until he determines otherwise.

So, I've gotten creative.

My first move was to be stern about him eating what we are and that seemed to work ~ to a point (sometimes). I started making him super protein soy shakes with organic fruit to give him some protein and fruits. Really easy shakes and Nathan loves them! I've even frozen some for dessert.

Yesterday, the game changed. Because Nathan looks at his food and then determines it's not what he likes ~ I tried to hide the evidence and make eating dinner fun. What parents do to get their children to eat.


Jennifer said...

My boys have both gone through that with me, but surprisingly would eat anything the babysitter gave them during that time! Crazy kids! My babysitter even gave Jaxon beets when he wouldn't eat veggies and he ate them for her. Now Jaxon eat almost every veggie I serve! Surely Nathan will outgrow this too!

Joseph "Connor" said...

My son is going through the SAME phase (and has been since July...extremely frustrating). He seems to be doing the same thing as Nathan - turning his head immediately and determining he doesn't want any part of his meal. I like the idea of hiding the food, I'll have to try that. Thanks for the tip!

Joseph "Connor" said...

My son has been going through the SAME phase as Nathan (since July - extremely frustrating). He seems to be doing the same thing as Nathan - turning his head and determining he doesn't like the meal. Thanks for the idea of hiding the food, I'll have to try it.

Lianna said...

I think hiding the food is really smart. Ben, the little boy I care for, is a picky eater and it can be exasperating. He'll not let me feed him one bit, though, so I don't know if I can surprise him with good flavor...Gabe at Nathan's age was a good eater but still had some texture issues. He is still a good eater now, and we have days when it amazes me to see him eat as much as he does!