Nathan is Hebrew and means "gift from God" - we couldn't have been more blessed than to have been chosen as his parents!

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lake George Camping Trip

The Terry Family went camping in Lake George over the weekend.

The RV park was about an hour from our house and we had a great time! They had tennis and basket ball courts, two arcades, two movie theaters, a store, an ice cream parlor, play grounds, three heated pools, a fishing pond, a paddle boat pond and miles of paved biking trails!

It rained on Saturday and I was very thankful for our warm and dry camping trailer! These are two of my favorite pictures ~ the rain is always good for napping and wishing to be outside!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Organic Highway

I'm beginning to embrace and purchase more organic foods for our family because I'm concerned about the hormones given to animals, the food consumption of the animals, their inhumane treatment, and the "genetically modified everything produce market." I really do make an effort to provide our family with healthy home cooked meals and in some ways I feel that the products I'm purchasing are unhealthy and doing "stealth" damage to our bodies.

I've been slowly converting ~ one item at a time. Each item I've added for a different reason but what I've come to discover is ~ a difference in taste not bad just different. We are so used to consuming these antibiotics and hormones we can't tell the difference. At first, I thought - we ate these products and we seemed to fare pretty well and then something began to happen around me ~ cancer in young people. I've seen and heard of way too many people having major life challenges and although it may not be directly related to all these food "additives" ~ it might be. Making small changes may make a big difference ~ it can't hurt. We're not switching everything but some things.

We added eggs about a month or so ago because of the inhumane treatment of chickens, what they're fed and what medications they could be injected with. I now buy free range organic eggs. Yesterday morning, I made the big switch ~ organic milk (pasteurized of course) for basically the same reason. I had the milk before I gave it to Nathan and it's pretty good. It's actually a little creamy ~ Nathan loves it and that makes me feel that he is getting the best I can offer him. I am also purchasing some organic veggies and will move into the fruits over the summer. There are certain veggies and fruits that experts contend should be eaten organic.

On another note, I brought Nathan to the doctor yesterday for an ear check. He's been playing with his ears for sometime and yesterday the left looked a little red. He has not had a fever or any other symptoms but I needed piece of mind. Well, after a few different tests ~ the doctor determined Nathan has fluid and put him on antibiotics for 10 days. She had to do a "puffer" test, which send air through the ear canal because she was unable to really tell by looking. It was a little red but he's teething so she was hesitant. The "puffer" determined definitively there was fluid. I guess it's best to trust your gut and be sure.

My Great Story ~ National Down Syndrome Society Campaign Launched

Hot off the press:
"The National Down Syndrome Society
is Proud to Unveil Our New Public Awareness Strategy,
My Great Story!

My Great Story seeks to honor and celebrate the great stories of the 400,000 Americans living with Down syndrome by showcasing these stories in a beautiful online storybook.

This book will feature inspirational stories about work, school, friends, family, hobbies, travel, the NDSS Buddy Walk® program and many other things.

If you have Down syndrome, we want to hear your great story! We want to learn about your achievements, dreams, aspirations, successes, and anything else about yourself that you want to share.

If you have a great story about someone you know who has Down syndrome, tell us! We want to know how he/she has inspired you. You can tell a story about your friend, family member, colleague, student, patient, neighbor, etc

Please encourage everyone you know to get involved by passing along this web address www.ndss.org/stories"

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Low Muscle Tone = Bad Habits

Nathan's new physical therapist has been sharing with us some of the problems that can develop with children with low muscle tone. Low muscled tone is called hypotonia ~ here are two links specifically regarding Down syndrome ~ Ds Hypotina & Got Tone. Here is another article from "Main Street" ~ Answers.com. These articles, posts and comments were worth a quick read. It has been useful for me to gain some knowledge on the connection between muscle tone and ligament strength. We were also informed of the frailness of Nathan's shoulders, wrists, and hips. In order to prevent dislocations we need to make certain adjustments in handling of Nathan. No more picking him up by his arms, no more pulling on his wrists during Row-Row-Your-Boat, no more holding his arms up while practicing walking (well we have to be careful how we walk and make sure we're not holding him up by his wrist/arm). There will be a focus on hip and core strengthening exercises.

On her second visit the p.t. ran through a list of possible "bad habit" suspects like crawling with his wrists turned over, sitting with his feet in the "w" position instead of on his knees, or going from a sit position to the floor by simply spreading his legs and folding over (sort of like a split). I was happy to report we were aware of these poor habits and have tried to avoid them through proper instruction. I no sooner got the words out of my mouth and look at what I see!!! I couldn't believe it. Look at his wrist! This was the same day. The first time Nathan has ever crawled around with his wrist turned over.

The next morning the special education therapist came for a visit and I explained what happened. She and I watched Nathan in an attempt to determine why all of a sudden after seven months of crawling he's developing this "bad habit." We think we figured it out! Nathan has begun crawling while carrying toys/balls and has determined that the only to hold them while crawling is to turn his wrist over. YEAH! That's ingenuity! He's figure out how to navigate and accomplish his own goals! Since this discovery, I've seen him do this a few times and we've done mommy correcting each time. I'll keep an eye on it and we'll work through it so Nathan can begin to self-correct.