Nathan is Hebrew and means "gift from God" - we couldn't have been more blessed than to have been chosen as his parents!

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Out & About

Egg salad face!
I'm sure this will become a common blog title ~ I have every intention of doing lots of fun stuff this summer! I almost feel like a kid again too!! I've not had a summer off since college and can't wait!! My on-campus classes end today and as much as I love my students and teaching I'm excited to have some time off!

Saturday, we attended an event in honor of a little girl battling cancer ~ it's was a 5K run/walk in Saratoga State Park. If you'd like to read about her go here Teagan's Run.
We also headed over to the Crossings this week for some swing time! We're working on it. Nathan is still scared but he had fun in the grass and meeting a few new friends.

Yesterday we hit a nearby beach! Nathan kept trying to eat sand and my sister and I took turns making sure he didn't get too much in his mouth! YUK!!

He also kept crab walking on the beach ~ it was so funny. At one point he went straight into the water! I couldn't believe it. Brave boy.

Aunt Kathy did this to my hair!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We're big advocates of teaching Nathan independence and allowing him to make his own choices (mostly with food and drinks). I've recently decided it was time that Nathan learned to drink from a straw and in a matter of 4 days it was done!

I purchased a transition sport bottle that was completely different than his sippy cups and he hated it! Tossed it on the floor every chance he got and at first didn't want to even drink out of it. But, Nathan had no choice. I was adamant about him working through this transition and if he wanted a drink this was his only option. On Father's Day it was time to try a real straw (the below picture is from his first attempt). As you can see Nathan is now drinking from a little straw, which is really good for the muscle tone around his mouth. This picture is from this morning. Now that Nathan has achieved this milestone we've moved on to something a little more challenging for us both ~ self feeding. I've been working on it but not with the same determination as the straw ~ until now.I'm using the same tactics ~ Nathan must hold his spoon while eating. He is very resistant at times but very willing at other times. Yesterday, he did really well using the spoon but this morning he was pulling everything out not to. He would whine or try and do his cheesy smile in hopes I wouldn't make him use the spoon.

I tell Nathan ~ "You Do it" and he either does or fusses about it. This morning with his eggs he wanted to just be fed and each time I gave him the command to do it, he would grab the spoon and then immediately let it go. At that point, I began to hold his hand on the spoon and he got the point as you can see from the below picture. We're working on it. We'll see.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Projects!

Nathan had a fantastic time making all of daddy's father's day gifts this year (well, almost all of them). As you'll see from these pictures he made a card, a truck, and an awesome one-of-a-kind picture frame! The picture frame posed the greatest challenge ~ it took about 6 retakes and then finally I said "these are perfect!" Normally, the pottery place doesn't do hand prints of children under two because it's so challenging and although I did understand that I wanted Danny to have something unique for his big day! We're going to have a great day today! I'll fill you in during the week and also give you some exciting updates on our little jack pot!

Daddy's card & truck project was the brain child of Nathan's O.T. ~ thanks L.!!

The poem on this card says : To Daddy ~ I hugged this card real tight. And kissed it daddy too! Then, I packed it full of love and sent it off to you!

The Polka Dot Daddy Picture Frame!!