Nathan is Hebrew and means "gift from God" - we couldn't have been more blessed than to have been chosen as his parents!

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Friday, August 7, 2009

A Bird Pooped on Nathan!!!

My sister and I have wanted to take the kids to The Great Escape all summer and yesterday we did!

The first thing we did inside the park was have lunch in the shade. My sister & Emily had finished their food and went to enjoy a ride while we were finishing up. I turned my head away from Nathan to get him another bite and when I turned back around I saw this deep purplish black stuff all over his hand! I was like, "what the heck is that!" I immediately took it off with a napkin and started looking at what it was. I began to see what looked like little seeds and I still had no idea it was poop. Then, I looked down on Nathan's stroller and saw more and some of it was white! I knew right then it was bird poop! YIKES! It was a good thing I had just replenished the hand wipes and that Nathan didn't put that in his mouth! I mean he was eating lunch and it did land on his hand! OH YUK!

Once I figured it out I was frantic to clean it up but then began laughing my butt off when I sister text messaged me from the air high above the park about the things we do for our kids (she's a little afraid of heights and she was on the ski lift chair) and here I am cleaning up bird shit off my son!!! The things we do as moms... hahahaha

Needless to say, we are playing the lotto for tomorrow nights drawing, which is $102 million (Nathan's birthday 1/02) Too cool!

Having so much fun is exhausting! That Little Devil tried to wake him up!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dr. Seuss Decor (Part II)

This next reveal is actually the fourth painting that I attempted. I have no idea what the actually Seuss name is for these trees but thought they were very cool. We attempted the duplication from Nathan's Dr. Seuss sheets.
Danny would really like me to paint this little guy too but I'm not sure yet. I just might, but not until I finish the rest of the paintings and I'm not done yet!
I didn't really take many pictures during this process. Here is the finished product.
Not too bad right? I can't wait to show you the next few!! They are my favorite so far!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

What's Up Doc?

The Terry family celebrated our wedding anniversary at the Six Flags Great Escape & Splash Water Kingdom Park! We had a really great time and Nathan got to meet a few of mommy and daddy's favorite childhood characters. They have a Wiggles park, Looney Tunes Park and a fantastic kid friendly water park!!!
We had a few unique experiences ~ Nathan had to sit on the seat all by himself on any ride and we were able to secure a non-waiting fast pass for our family. The speed pass gives us and all those in our party access to all rides without any waiting and when there is an hour wait or longer for a ride that's a pretty awesome courtesy! Why? Because Nathan has Down syndrome.

I was fearful Nathan wasn't going to be able to sit on these rides because he's so used to being on our lap ~ this "park rule" brought us both outside our comfort zone. He wanted nothing to do with sitting alone until the ride started and then as you can see he was fine!!
Nathan seemed to have some anxiety in the pool area and we're not totally sure why. We think the water may have been too cold. It didn't appear that the crowd bothered him or the noise, which is typical of children with Down syndrome (so I hear). He was completely unhappy with the giant mushroom mommy took him under :-)!!

We're going to go back during the week when it's not as busy and try it again to be sure.

Just before we left ~ Daddy and Nathan went to jail for trespassing in the old west! It's the last time I'm bailing them out!!

We have decided that next year we're buying a season pass ~ Nathan is free up to 3 years old (I think). The park is only an hour from our house and there is so much to do there it's worth the very small investment and if we secure a seasonal campsite we'll be very close. For those of you who may live around here SEFCU sells discounted tickets to the park ~ the gate price is $36 or $37 per person and SEFCU's member rate is $24 p/p.