Nathan is Hebrew and means "gift from God" - we couldn't have been more blessed than to have been chosen as his parents!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Active Parenting Can Produce Unwanted Results

Grammy came with us for Nathan's second day of school ~ she was worried and wanted to be sure the school was everything I said it was. It didn't take long before she felt as comfortable as Daddy and I do. It's just a wonderful loving environment. Not to mention ~ fun! When I picked Nathan up... his teachers asked if we would ask his therapists to come to the classroom so they could learn how to help Nathan do things like climb the slide. Isn't that great!!! They care enough to want to know how to help him develop these skills. Nathan's team has agreed to visit but in the meantime......
I decided to get Nathan a slide so we could work on these skills at home and that's where the trouble began (yikes!!).

This was the first time he tried to climb on the slide ~ Daddy taught him and we've all reinforced the climbing action....

Nathan loves his slide and one week later is doing really well!! He climbs up the stairs and is able to get his feet under his body to slide down...

As you'll see from this little video ~ he still needs some support but is doing amazing. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have everyone on the same page and working together to help Nathan. With that said, I never imagined what these lessons would produce....

Yesterday I put Nathan down for a nap and he was playing in his crib, which is not unusual for him but all of a sudden I heard a loud BANG!! I never even looked at his camera ~ I just ran!! I knew that a noise like that could have only produced one thing ~ a baby overboard!

When I entered the room, I looked in the crib. NO BABY! Oh no! Then I saw him ~ crying and sitting in this basket next to his bed!

No way, he fell out. I found Nathan butt down in this basket, which means he CLIMBED OUT and then fell! I can laugh about this now but I wasn't laughing at the time. I was scared to death ~ I didn't know if he was hurt internally or broke any bones.

I immediately calmed him down and made sure he was alright. We're not sure what to do at this point. Until we figure it out, Nathan has been sleeping in our room in his pack and play. I'm just thankful he's ok but I'm not interested in a repeat episode.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

FAO Schwartz ~ Nathan's First Trip to New York City!

On a complete whim, we decided to take Nathan to one of the coolest toy stores in New York City, on Friday ~ FAO Schwartz! Daddy took his first full week of vacation this year and although, he worked around the house the entire time (because we're getting ready to sell our house), he decided to dedicate the day to us and we made it memorable!!!

As soon as we entered the store, I asked where the floor piano was. As most of you know, Nathan loves music and I knew he would love running on the keys while they lit up and played notes.

I took some video with my digital camera.

Nathan met a few new friends and had wonderful conversation with Big Bird and Elmo. In fact, it was such fun that Grammy brought home smaller versions of these guys ~ Nathan loves them! We gave him big bird in the car on the way home and he kept laughing and yelling in delight. Thanks Grammy!!
Some coloring fun with Grammy. These are crayons that go on the tips of your fingers. They were actually pretty neat. Nathan thought stacking them was more fun than coloring with them.

We found some very cute puppets ~ Nathan really loved them. I'm thinking it may be a puppet Christmas!
This was the make your own Muppet section! We found it as we were leaving the store, which was disappointing because they make the puppets while you shop. If we had known we would have had one made for Nathan. I'm sure on our next trip, it'll be our first stop.
After leaving the toy store with a few goodies, we headed for lunch.

It wasn't long after we arrived at Trump Towers, that Nathan got FIRED!! It's why he's running out of lobby! Donald's a pretty scary and serious guy when he's giving someone the boot! Good thing for the doorman ~ otherwise, Nathan would have plowed right through the glass! just kidding (I'm an Apprentice fan).

We actually had a very nice lunch!