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Friday, November 6, 2009

H1N1 ~ The Mercury Connection

Hi all! It seems like forever since I've authored an update on Nathan ~ we've been very busy (ok, I've been very busy). These past few weeks Nathan's been experiencing some sickness and with the swine flu going around we've been on heightened alert and visiting the doctor almost weekly. I'm happy to report he's doing just fine and is just teething!

On Monday, we visited the doctor because Nathan was experiencing all of the flu like symptoms except for a fever. Please visit the CDC website for more details on what to look for. Turns out he had a nasty irritated throat and an ear infection, which was causing his congestion and discomfort. The H1N1 vaccine is almost impossible to get in New York. Nathan's pediatrician began a waiting list the Saturday before and two days later Nathan was number 352. We found out today that number is over 1,000.

While Nathan was at school, I received a phone call from his pediatrician, completely out of the blue. They had received 20 doses of H1N1 vaccine and the doctors determined Nathan was at "high risk" and that he should receive one of the doses. Problem was, it was the vaccine that contained the mercury. I couldn't make the decision and needed to call Danny.

I was devastated that we had to make this decision. Give Nathan the H1N1 vaccine and risk possible life long complications from the thimerosal (mercury), which is banned in New York for children under three. The federal government relaxed the requirements due to the outbreak thereby allowing doctors to administer these drugs to young children. If we chose to not give Nathan this vaccine, he'd have to go back on the list and there was no guarantee that he would receive the preservative free option. Seriously? I called my husband in tears. What a terrible decision to make ~ pick your poison.

We were both doing research when Danny came across an H1N1 clinic about 40 minutes from our house. The website said they only had the nasal mist and mercury injections. Nathan's too young for the nasal mist because it contains the live virus and the other option wasn't really an option at all. While I was picking Nathan up from school, Danny decided to call the clinic and speak to one of the nurses. It happened to be the right choice!

Danny explained our situation to the nurse and she put him on hold. When she returned she asked, "how fast can you get here? Can you come now?" Danny said we could. She said, "ok. We have a few doses of the preservative free vaccine but I can't guarantee it will last. So hurry." Enough said.

When we arrived they asked if we had an appointment? I explained that we did not but that my husband spoke to a nurse and she said to come over now (I used her name). They were wonderful. They gave us the paperwork ~ no questions asked. Nathan received the preservative free vaccine and I was vaccinated too. I figured we go through it together. Thank God it all worked out and that Danny was on top of this situation because I was spending way too much time worried about "what if." Daddy had his head in the game and executed perfectly. Go Daddy!

We return in one month for the second dose. Thank you God. What a day.