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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Indoor Water Park (Birthday Part III)!!! *UPDATED*

It was cold outside but inside we were having a blast celebrating the New Year and Nathan's birthday! (the last video was not the right one ~ Nathan and Daddy go down the slide here).

The first two times Nathan went down the slide with Danny he loved it! The third time, not so much. As you probably saw from the end of this video. It was night and the park was darker; that freaked him out a bit but he got over it quickly.

This is the second floor ~ it's meant for younger kids not little babies but probably 4 and over would love it!

Anyone want to learn how to serf? You can do that too!

This is a little glimpse at the lazy river.There are also big slides for the older kids and adults. Tomorrow's post is the all about the SPECIAL GUEST that dropped by our room!!!! We're also gearing up for our Dr. Seuss birthday bash! The fun never ends!!!!

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Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

That place looks awesome-- what a great idea for a birthday! It makes me want to go swimming, now!

Kandi- thanks so much for your facebook post-- I really appreciate the support. It's really hard to be a good mom, so it's nice to hear such positive things from another great mom!!!