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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Results Are In....

Nathan went for his two year check-up a few weeks ago and we've received the blood test results we've been so worried about ~ everything is perfect! YEAH! No cancer. He'll have to go through this each and every year but that's life in the fast lane! The blood tests are no fun, for him or I - having to hold him down and listen to him cry like that breaks my heart.

Nathan weighed in at a whole 23 pounds and is 33 inches tall. He is still on the exact same trajectory with percentages ~ 75% for height and 25% for weight.

We also visited the ENT specialist for his ears last week. The doctors have managed to kick the infection but the fluid remains in both ears. The doctor described the fluid as a thick mucus not a watery type substance. Because this was Nathan's first real ear infection and he's now two ,the doctor put him on Singulair to see if it will get rid of the fluid. If not, we're going right to tubes. Nathan's been on the medicine for about a week now and I'm afraid it's not working. He's developed cold symptoms since yesterday and is pulling on his left ear. I placed a call into the Specialist this morning and am waiting to hear back now.

On another note, my Aunt Dorothy made Nathan a Dr. Seuss quilt for his birthday!!!! It's so beautiful!!! I've promised to not 'hang it on the wall' and allow Nathan to play on it. Although, you can't tell from these pictures, there are actually Dr. Seuss characters sewn into the pattern ~ it's simply amazing. Nathan's Great Aunt is known for her quilts and before he was born she asked, "if I was to ever do a theme what would it be?" Guess what I said? Yep! Dr. Seuss! Thank you Aunt Dorothy! We all absolutely love his quilt. BTW, Danny asked where his Harley quilt was! hahaha


Lianna said...

Oh that is quite a relief on Nathan's bloodwork, Kandi!!!

Kandi, IMO, push for the tubes. At this stage of Nathan's development when speech is forming, why should he have to hear as if he is under water? Apparently, that is what it is like with fluid in the ears. Even if he is on a management med for infection prevention, he still has fluid right? I would definitely push for it. Again, this is my personal opinion...

The quilt is absolutely beautiful and what a wonderful keepsake!!!

Again, congratulations on Nathan's results! We ♥ him here in Ottawa!

Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

SUCH great news about Nathan's bloodwork- that is fantastic! The quilt is beautiful- I know that we treasure the quilts that Grandma Dorothy has made for us.