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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Welcome to the Dance Party! (Birthday Part II)

Everyday, the hotel hosts a welcome party for the families arriving for the day ~ it's an hour long dance party in the lobby! So fun for the kids.


When we returned from the amusement park, we had dinner and headed straight for the New Years Eve dance party!!! It took Nathan a few minutes to warm up to the environment of loud music, the dark with strobe lights and lots of people. Once he did ~ watch out! We had to keep running after him. The only time he got mildly freaked out was when Scooby Do0 stopped by for his initial visit. He was fine after that.

This New Years Eve dance party was so much fun for the kids! The hotel really did a nice job putting this together for the adults too. We had so much fun ~ we wished our entire family could have been there.


After a good night sleep, we hit the waterpark!!! That's the next post!

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Lianna said...

Awesome! I think you should adopt me, Kandi! Your family has so much fun!!! Nathan looks much older than two in the last picture!