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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Exciting Nathan News!

Guess who went pee pee
on his new potty?


I have a picture but I'm going to keep that one off the blog! :-) This exciting event happened late Tuesday afternoon. I decided on Monday to put him on his potty a few times each day and on the second day, he went pee! It was so funny!! His toilet sings when it senses pee and when it began it totally freaked him out. So much so that he stopped peeing! Then he got into the tunes and finished what he started! Since then, I've put him on the potty four or five times a day and his teachers are even getting in on the training too! I've created a fun little potty song with sign language so when he does begin to get it, he be able to sign when he needs to go. I don't believe that will be for a while but we have to start somewhere!

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Loren Stow said...

Woo Hoo for potty!
I hope that it continues to go well!