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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nathan Piccaso Terry!

I just love Nathan's school! For a number of very important reasons but also for helping Nathan with his latest artwork creations ~ so cute!

Nathan loves signing the word "pig." So, I'm sure he must have had a good time with this project. Now, most of your little ones have "Happy Feet" or they did when they were little. For those of you who don't know Happy Feet, he's a penguin in from a cartoon who can't sing but dances like crazy! This is Nathan's version of that funny little character!
This is one of our favorites! This masterpiece is a fundraiser for the Preschool ~ it's so creative!! They take artwork that Nathan has drawn and make prints and other professionally made products. The proceeds of which will go toward new playground toys. We are ordering all kinds of stuff; like coffee mugs, dish towels, t-shirts, a cutting board, magnets and a large ceramic tile (Danny's going to put this tile in our new house ~ probably in Nathan's bathroom)! What a totally awesome idea! There are probably 30 different products that you can special order with your child's artwork on them. I'd love one of each but that's a little much!

I took a class over the weekend on a computer program called Boardmaker and Writing with Symbols. It's a symbol-based communication and educational learning system. Awesome stuff! I'll post about it in a few days. If you have a child ~ you're going to want to know about this really fun program.


Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

Now I want to make the penguin and the pig... too bad we are only up to "j" in our crafts! I'll remember those for later. I am definitely intrigued by the software you are learning more about. Keep us posted!

Lianna said...

You do have a little Picasso! Love the penguin!