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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter!

Easter and Christmas are my two favorites Holidays because they honor and celebrate our Lord and it's a nice time to reflect on our own blessings!
In preparation for the big day, we had a candy making session. It was our first attempt at making our own chocolates. They came out just great and we had a lot of fun making memories! I also tried to make some peanut butter cups on my own for gifts but ruined them. They tasted wonderful but stuck to the pan. Next time, I'll make them in the paper cups just like the recipe calls for! :-) I've always had problems following instructions ~ I like to veer off and do my own thing...surprise surprise. See where it gets me? figures :-)

We began our Easter, with a nice family breakfast and church with family. Nathan was such a good boy in church and super funny! He was dancing during the hymns and when the Priest was singing the Eucharist, Nathan signed "stop!" Apparently, he didn't want to hear Father Forno sing! haha We were cracking up.

After church we attended brunch and enjoyed some time with my sister and the family. Thanks Aunt Kathy for all your hard work and for Nathan's Detroit Loins outfit (even though we're a Giants household!! I forgive you.)

We were blessed to have family for dinner and it was such a perfect day that we were able to spend lots of time outside. Nathan decided he would forgo socializing to mow the lawn. What a worker-bee he is!
After dinner, Nathan was treated to some very thoughtful and generous gifts from family and the Easter Bunny! Yes, Daddy is wearing Nathan's new "catchable" ball on his head! Everyone thought it'd be funny to catch this goofy moment! Way to go Daddy! We love that you're not afraid to be goofy and fun! Last week, Danny made a really profound statement that is indicative of his personality and relevant to this picture. He said something like, "when we give up being a kid and having fun, there's nothing left to life." He's right. Life is meant to be lived and having fun is a part of our family m.o. ~ I love that!! Nathan wasn't all that thrilled with the grass in his baskets and kept throwing it on the floor away from his gifts. We asked the Easter Bunny to bring Nathan a new chair for camp; one that was stable and safe. What he brought was super cool and personalized just for Nathan! How thoughtful of the Easter Bunny. I think he likes it and it will be perfect at camp this summer! Thanks Mr. Easter Bunny!!!
Holidays can be very busy times, so Nathan and I saved a few visits for yesterday. We stopped over to see Mim and Nathan's Great Aunt Kathy. It's so nice to spend time together. We need to do it more often. We didn't get to see Aunt Dorothy but we wish her and Uncle Ivan a blessed Easter!! We also were unable to see Nathan's Grandpa because he lives very far away ~ Happy Easter Grandpa! We love you!!

And, just when I thought the Holiday and surprises had come to an end, I got the surprise of my life......Stay tuned

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Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

Wow, what a great blog entry-- so many great moments! I love that he was signing, 'stop.' So funny! Danny is totally right about acting like a kid- I think we all need to do that more. Can't wait to hear about the surprise!!!