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Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Did What??!!

Yesterday, when I picked Nathan up from school, I heard something I couldn't believe. Nathan's teacher said, "you forgot Nathan's lunch." WHAT?! I did! I know I made it. Where is it? What did he ate? Why didn't you call me? I can't believe it did that!

His teachers never discovered I forgot his lunch until 12:30PM, just before I picked Nathan up. He was fine. They gave him cereal, milk and bananas. His speech therapist worked on self feeding! haha I found his lunch sitting on the kitchen counter when we returned home. I have no excuse for forgetting it. Sometimes life just gets in the way and I'm not perfect. It happens.

This week at school, Nathan had some serious water fun (ok, maybe not totally fun). We received an email over the weekend that with the expected heat this week, the kids would be playing in the water and running through the sprinklers. Well, Nathan HATED it! lol Nathan loves the water ~ I couldn't believe he didn't like the sprinkler. His teachers decided to take out the water table instead and start there.
When it came time for his popsicle, Nathan refused to hold his own. Again, this is my fault! I always hold it for him and there's no reason why (except for the mess). Our next popsicle, he'll do it himself.
After I learned Nathan had a problem with the sprinkler, I decided to go buy one and try to work through it at home.
AFter he went through it himself, we went through it lots of times together. Yep, I was soaked but we had fun. I brought the beach ball sprinkler to school today. I thought that if Nathan saw his little friends playing, he'd softened a little to it but nope! His teachers are also helping him get used to the water by giving him buckets and easing him into it.

I happen to think the water is too cold for him because he LOVES taking a bath. We're going to be in the pool and the lake this weekend; we'll see how that goes.

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