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Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Weekend (Part I)

Before I delve into our very exciting Father's Day weekend news, I'd like to let you know that Nathan is feeling much better. He has really had a rough couple of weeks with fevers, a runny nose and boil type sores on his little body. He's now on an antibiotic and doing just fine.

We began our weekend by taking delivery of our new camper! Last weekend, it was raining something fierce and it was probably the third weekend we'd experienced rain at camp, which means we either have to be inside our camper or out doing something inside.

Danny and I decided that we love being at the Lake and are going to stay seasonal here every year and our camper just wasn't roomy enough. So, we traded it in for a new and upgraded camper! We love it!!!

Nathan now has his own room (they call it a bunk house) where he can play and watch television and so do we. Both of these features were a must. I love the fact that he can just go into his room and play with his toys while Danny and I hang out in the common area but we are all still together (not tripping over toys is awesome). I also love that our camper has an outdoor kitchen that allows us to do all the cooking and preparing without going in and out of the camper constantly. It's so convenient and was the selling point for us with this particular camper.

One of the major differences in this new camper is that Nathan is pretty much now sleeping in a big boy bed! We were very nervous about how this would work the first night because I had cut the straps that attached to the other side of the mattress guard; our other camper had a wall to hold it in place. Our new camper doesn't, so Danny decided to sleep with him the first night until we could figure out what to do.

Chopper loves that he can be with his best friend now too.On the second night, Nathan's Aunt brought up a new bed railing and he slept alone. Thank God for the video monitor. However, Nathan's Aunt had to take the guard apart to get it into her car, which meant it had to put it back together. Well, she did great but didn't put the bottom protective piece through the rod and guess what happened? Just as we suspected, Nathan slipped right through the bottom! lol We prepared for this and pulled out the trundle bed to cushion his fall.

Just as Danny walked in to check on Nathan, he watched him slip through the bottom. Danny said, he never stirred ~ just slipped onto the trundle bed. It didn't take Danny long to figure out what happened and fix the rail. Nathan has slept without incident since!

Danny sent Nathan's Aunt an email with this picture. The subject line read, "Assembly required" and the body of the email said, "thank you for putting my guard together Aunt Kathy. I like the "slide threw the bottom" feature so I can sneak out!!!!!" Haha

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Debi said...

Nice new camper - I have to see a picture of the outside kitchen! The inside looks very similar to ours