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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

2.5 and Counting: Celebrating All of Life's Moments

The Terry Family spent the last 10 days at camp, and it's a good thing Nathan has therapy or we'd never come home! While at camp we celebrated Nathan's half-birthday. For those of you who are new to our blog, we've celebrated Nathan's half-birthday since he was born. This year we invited our camping neighbors over and enjoyed some cake and sang Nathan, the half-birthday song!

This picture is from Nathan's first half-birthday. The birthday crown was given to him from my Aunt Kathy, and it's tradition that he have his picture taken with it on each July 2nd celebration. These pictures are from Nathan's second half-birthday, which we also celebrated at Alpine Lake last year.

He's getting so big! YIKES.

I've included a few pictures here just for Nathan's therapists. Look at how well he's doing self feeding! We've been practicing a lot at camp because the mess outside doesn't bother me and there's a door to the bathroom right behind Nathan. One night we had to strip him down outside and put him right in the tub!

Probably not the best fork to use but it was the only one we had at the time. :-)

We also had cake the following night and it was more fun watching Nathan than eat our own cake.

I love this picture. Messy boy with the biggest smile!!

We love you Nathan!!! xoxoxo Mommy & Daddy


Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

SO cute! He looks so incredibly happy- and so big!!! Can't wait to see you guys this summer!

Kelly said...

Awe, Happy 1/2 Birthday Nathan!! What a great tradition:) And oh my, look how big you are getting....and self-feeding too?!!! Hooray for you!!!

Lianna said...

Oh my goodness! Nathan has really 'grown up' in these photos! Kandi, he's so beautiful!

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Hello dear Kandi and family, wow it seems like I have not been in blog world for a while, im finding my feet slowing but surely and now regulary visiting all my friends blogs... Yay!! These pictures are sooo super cute!!! We love you too Nathan!!!
We also celebrate Keatons half birthday each year, its so important to me and we dont need an excuse for cake right??
Conrad is going to be in the states the first week of August and staying in Atlanta, would love to send Nathan something again from the World cup (as it was just here in South Africa) please can you kindly send me your address again so that Conrad can post it to you once he is in the states, I misplaced your adress from the last time! God bless and much Love, Megs, Keaton and Khloe