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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Meeting Babe, A Few Looney Characters & A Giant!

We had another great week of summer vacation! We're making the best of the few weeks we have left! This week, Nathan spent a day at the Great Escape and went to the New York Giants training camp. Then, he had his first hippotherapy session at the EBC therapy center!

Nathan loves music and dancing, so the Looney Tunes Dance Off, is a frequent stop when we're at the Great Escape, but this time they allowed us access to all the characters for pictures! We've been there several times during the summer, and this is the first-time they've allowed us to take photos!

I love this picture! Its Nathan's, "Mom, please stop with that camera," face!

We are also fortunate to have the New York Giants training camp right in our backyard, and we are big football fans! I thought it would be fun, and different, to take the kids to the training camp. It was super packed and almost impossible to get close to any of the players! Because the crowd was so loud, and it bothered Nathan, we moved to a different location. There's a walk way that gives players access to the locker room where there are very few fans. It was a quiet area and a few players did come our way. We were lucky to get a picture with one! This is safety, Micheal Johnson.
When I asked for the picture, he said, "everyone asks for an autograph, you ask for a picture." To which I replied, "a picture is worth a thousand words." Little did he know, I have a blog to update!! Thanks Micheal for stopping by!

After eight weeks of phone calls, emails, scripts, x-rays, letters, insurance stuff, and approvals ~ Nathan had his first hippotherapy session at EBC Physical Therapy. What is hippotherapy? It's physical therapy on horseback. There are a litany of advantages to using this type of treatment, and I wanted to start Nathan early. He is actually one of the youngest kids there. They don't usually allow children his age but they made an exception. We are specifically looking forward to an increase in Nathan's muscle tone, balance, and stability. We have also been told that his language skills will improve, for a variety of unexplained reasons, but also because as Nathan gets stronger his lung capacity and breathing will improve, thereby giving him greater control over his breath that will enable him to produce words. For a complete description of hippotherapy and it's benefits please see the website of EBC Hippotherapy.

The Center is a 45-minute drive from our home and well worth it. And, although Nathan does not have a permanent spot, we're on the cancellation list, which means we have to be flexible with our weekly spot, until a permanent spot is found. As long as Nathan gets to have this opportunity, the day and time are irrelevant, as long as it doesn't interfere with other therapies and school.

For those of you who were unable to join us, here is a video of the session. As you'll see Nathan wasn't happy about wearing his riding helmet or the bike helmet we were able to put on him. Next week, we'll bring Nathan's helmet from home.

You'll also see that after Nathan was introduced to his newest friend ~ Babe, his therapy horse and after taking a few spins around the barn, his therapists taught him how to make the horse "go." Then they let him walk Babe back to the starting position. At the end of the session, Nathan gave Babe a treat and then imitates the horse. It's too cute!

Here is the photo documentary of the session! We can't wait to go back!! (As a side, I see the slide website has a "adopt a pet" advertisement ~ just click the x to make it go away.) Thanks for stopping by!

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