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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This & That

Last week, we took Nathan shopping for his Halloween costume. It's funny how much I can stress over little things like Halloween costumes. The choice for this years' costume was actually really easy, once Nathan provided us with a great clue! Tracking it down was another story.

Off we went to the costume stores and Nathan ran into some pretty shady characters while we were out. We were actually surprised at how well he handled these scary looking scenes. You can't avoid them, they're in all the stores. Nathan thought this clown's nose was pretty spooky and he wasn't a big fan of him.

Nathan gave this half box of bones a high-five and nearly knocked him right over! We thought we were paying for that one! Daddy's fast too! He caught it before it hit the floor.
This weekend, we closed up camp and took Nathan to a local pumpkin farm for a little fun. Nathan met his second-cousin there and they tooled around a little together. Some of those pumpkins were bigger than these two little cuties!
Nathan and Daddy enjoyed a crazy cow ride! It wasn't one of those rides, that's on a nice track, these cars are attached to a pretty fast golf cart and everyone got there $1 worth!! It was also one of those rides that you can squeeze into but may not get out of! It was tight quarters!
Nathan ended his day, by riding this big bad cow (while Chopper looked on)!

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Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

I think two pictures in this post are jumping right up to my favorites of him! The one with the red sunglasses- he looks so happy and so handsome! And- the one at the end where he looks like he is whooping it up on the bucking bronco (or, cow). He is just awesome!

Lianna said...

WOW! What a wonderful set of pics!!! Kandi, I just love how Nathan is growing into his "big boy" features!♥