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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Great Pumpkin (Halloween Part II)

On Halloween morning, we enjoyed breakfast and Nathan had his first experience with pumpkin carving! We had two pumpkins and given my Type-A personality simple pumpkin faces just wouldn't do. I had two ideas and Daddy acquiesced by free handing two of Nathan's favorite characters ~ Elmo & Mickey Mouse!!

As you may suspect, Nathan wasn't the biggest fan of the slimy pulp and seeds inside the pumpkin! We all thoroughly enjoyed watching him have this new experience.
In this picture he's asking me for help! We was a little trooper and as grossed out as he got, he kept going back for more! Way to go Nathan!!
I really have to tip my hat to Danny, he did a great job free handing these two designs. The only tools he had were a picture and a single cutting tool. He doesn't even recall the last time he carved a pumpkin! Way to go Daddy! Next year, I'll be more prepared with instructions and better tools.

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Anonymous said...

Nathan, Grammie enjoyed carving pumpkins with you so much, it was a very long time since I carved a pumpkin too. Your Daddy did such a great job on free drawing the pumpkins, he used to draw like crazy when he was a child, and always did a great job. You lighten up my life every day, especially when I am with you. I love and cherish you so much. Thank you God for giving him to us.