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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ornament Cupcakes Sprinkled With A Few Tears

The Christmas season is upon us and we're busy preparing for our multi-day traditional celebration and beginning a few new ones. Last week, while Emily was creating her Wishing Spool, she was having a hard time figuring out what she wanted and said to me, "Aunt Kandi, Christmas isn't all about presents. It's God's birthday you know." I can only imagine the smile that crossed my face at that moment and just thinking about it now brings joy to my heart. I said to her, "you're right Emily and this year we're going to make Jesus a birthday cake." And, that's exactly what we're going to do! What an amazing little girl.

Danny has been craving funfetti cupcakes, so this week we made Christmas tree ornament cupcakes. I made the cupcakes and the ornament tops out of fondant and Emily was the official decorator. She did an amazing job! She used practice sheets before attempting to pipe the frosting onto the ornaments and if you've ever used fondant, you know that you have to use water to attached anything that's not frosting. That means, Emily had to use a small decorating brush to attach each of her Christmas tree lights onto one of her cupcakes. She learned how to properly hold a frosting bag and make stars.

Speaking of ornaments, each year we buy an ornament that reminds us of something special in Nathan's life. This year, we welcomed two new additions to our collection. The first ornament was purchased during our trip to Sesame Place and the second while we were volunteering for the Make A Wish Foundation.
Our Christmas season has also been sprinkled with a little sadness. Nathan is almost three and doesn't "get" Christmas or know who Santa is. The moments are fleeting, but they serve as a reminder that our son will always be different and struggle to understand life. We're sad that he's missing out and so are we. On the flip side, Nathan might just believe until he's 15, and we'll have many more years of genuine Santa Claus fun during the season.

As difficult as it may be at times, we can't allow Nathan's challenges bring sadness into our lives. It's not sad ~ it's just a temporary state of being. This year, Nathan's enjoying dancing to Christmas music (he loves the Chipmunk's songs) and tomorrow he'll have brunch with Santa. As I write this, he's dancing around the kitchen to Jingle Bell Rock. Our life is just as it should be ~ perfect in every way!

Thank you for stopping by. We hope you're enjoying your Christmas season.


Lianna said...

Kandi, the post is beautiful! The cupcakes looks fantastic -- and what a great idea to celebrate such an important birthday! ;)

You know, I have felt that sense of disappointment about Gabriel not really getting excited over the idea of Christmas. But now when I look back at those early years, he so enjoyed the experience of Christmas Day and he took a lot of joy in how happy everyone was around him.

Now, he talks about the Story of Christmas and Bethlehem as well as celebrating Jesus' birthday. (He sings Happy Birthday to Him.) He really gets it, including the wait for Santa's arrival. Like you wanting for Nathan, I hope that Gabriel always believes!

Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

I am so impressed with those ornaments- they are awesome! As for 'getting' Christmas- I am right there with you on that. There is a limited time for Christmas to be so magical to kids, and I feel like every year that Mairead doesn't really 'get' it like other kids do is a year we are missing out... just as you said. I hope that this holiday is always magical for them for all kinds of reasons. I do believe that we are raising special kids who will appreciate the magic of spending time with loved ones, no matter how old they are.