Nathan is Hebrew and means "gift from God" - we couldn't have been more blessed than to have been chosen as his parents!

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nathan's First Surgery..

As with all surgery, Nathan wasn't allowed to eat or have any liquids two hours before his surgery this morning. Of those fluids, he could only have clear liquids like water, apple juice or sprite. Notice that list didn't include orange juice. Well, Nathan was a very unhappy camper and although, in preparation for today, I made him some Italian soup and stopped at the store for ice cream ~ I forgot apple juice. Water first thing in the morning didn't go over well. So, I decided to add a teaspoon of orange juice to his water ~ what could it hurt? That didn't float with daddy and water wasn't cutting it for Nathan. So, he had soda for breakfast!

He became hungry and thirsty again before too long, but I couldn't give him a thing. He was a very unhappy little bee.

We left a little early for the hospital, to be sure we were on time. We arrived around 8:30am for his 9:30am procedure. Nathan passed the time playing with his alphabet keyboard. He loves the alphabet song and it was the prefect toy to get us through until surgery. After we registered, the nurse brought us into the pediatric recovery room. This is where Nathan got his new fancy dress and red socks! It's also where they gave him a combination of Tylenol and volume to calm him, which is odd because he wasn't anxious ~ we were! They should give parents one too!

This was our first surgery, and hopefully our last, but they allowed me to carry Nathan into the surgery room and to stay until they hooked him up and fell asleep. I was so excited!!! I sported my own new fancy clothes and hat and away we went!

When we entered the room, I immediately noticed how warm it was and then how many people were actually there. Nathan was really good when I laid him on the table and placed his head in this round rubber inner tube looking thing. When they were about to give him the gas, they warned me that he may get a little resistant and that was fine because he'd take a few deep breaths and go to sleep. This was the most difficult time for me. While Nathan was breathing in his gas, I was singing to him and holding his hand. First, I sang Old McDonald but then switched to his favorite song, the Itzy Bitzy Spider. Nathan didn't fall asleep that quickly and the nurse commented about how strong he was. OF COURSE HE IS! My little fighter! He did struggle a little but then eventually fell asleep. I had all I could do not to cry. It's not easy watching your child's eyes roll back into their head while they're squirming and then just go out. Once he was asleep, I gave him two kisses on the cheek and went back up to wait with Daddy.

The procedure was super fast. About 15 minutes later, the doctor came out and let us know that it was really good that we did the surgery. He said, Nathan's ears were full and that he removed three vials of mucus!! He also said, there was no scar tissue or permanent damage! YEAH He thinks that Nathan will really begin to communicate now that all the junk is out and the tubes are in. We're just happy he's going to be able to hear and not have infections ~ everything else is gravy!
After surgery, Nathan was groggy and having a little breathing issue. His chest was congested but he had that before coming in. They RN wasn't aware of that and was concerned it may have been from the anesthesia.
As soon as we arrived in the room, the nurse let me hold Nathan while he was coming around. After a bit, the nurse gave us some apple juice for Nathan and he wasn't interested but that Popsicle she gave him was a total hit! It was an orange Popsicle and when he finished it, he wanted another one but I was afraid he would get sick. He was so mad that I wouldn't give him more that he started yelling. No lie. He continued to yell all the way out of the hospital and continued when we finally got home! In some way, I wonder if the yelling was because he was hearing something he hadn't heard in a very long time ~ his own voice, loud and clear.
When we got home, Nathan was really off balance. He kept falling to the floor and into things. He was even walking in circles ~ poor little pumpkin! We had some lunch and mango sorbet and took a nice long nap. Both of us!
When he woke up a few hours later, his balance seemed a little better but he was still falling. Thankfully, the yelling had stopped but it was replaced with crying. I gave him some Tylenol but that didn't seem to work. His ears hurt and he needed some TLC and that's exactly what he got.
He's sleeping now and I pray he puts in a good night.
Thank you God for keeping Nathan safe and we pray for a speedy recovery. Amen.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our Little Book Worm

Nathan loves to take all his books off the shelf and sit in the middle and look through them. I love it but needs to learn to pick them up when he's done! :-)

Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Official.....

Nathan is going in for surgery this week. We've just returned from the Ear Nose & Throat specialist and his fluid is worse not better. Thankfully, he doesn't have an infection, which means the doctor will give Nathan tubes and by weeks end he'll be able to hear!!!!

I'm excited that Nathan will really be able to hear without everything sounding like he's underwater. And, it's just in time too! We are starting a Mommy & Me music group on Wednesday and we're taking Nathan to see Elmo on Saturday. Although, I am a bit concerned that the volume may actually bother his ears now. We'll see.

The doctor was really excited that Nathan is still vocalizing new words even with the blockage in his ears. We're thrilled to see how things progress with his language once he's actually able to hear correct pronunciation and attempting new words on his own. Too cool! We're very excited!

On another note, I've been practicing with my new camera. Here are a few pictures.