Nathan is Hebrew and means "gift from God" - we couldn't have been more blessed than to have been chosen as his parents!

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Rub A Dub Dub! Look Who's In The Big Boy Tub!

I've been waiting for this day! The day, I felt comfortable enough to give Nathan his first bubble bath in the our bathroom!

We listened to music, sang, and did a little bath time boogieing.....

he kept putting his face in the bubbles......

all in all ~ we all had a really fun time! We've decided to turn Friday night into bubble bath night!

What a cutie!!! Love you Nathan!

Next post ~ Nathan's fine motor skills & his first friend party!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

One Fish, Two Fish, I'm All Through Fish!

One Fish

Two Fish
Red Fish

Blue Fish

I'm Officially All Through With These Fish!!!

It's taken over a year to finish all the paintings on Nathan's walls but it's done!! Now it's time to accessorize!