Nathan is Hebrew and means "gift from God" - we couldn't have been more blessed than to have been chosen as his parents!

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Which Way Did He Go George?

When my sister and I were young and didn't quite understand what our father was directing us to do, he'd refer back to an old Bugs Bunny cartoon and say, "which way did he go George, which way did he go?" All the while he'd be pointing his index fingers and arms in opposite directions like an x. Those of you who have watched Bugs Bunny, probably know the cartoon I'm referring to. What he was really alluding to, was that whatever the reason for our confusion, we'd better get it together and figure it out. I've been feeling a lot like this lately, and I can hear my father sending me this subliminal message or maybe I'm just sending it to myself now. Either way, I'm feeling a little out of control with our schedule and really need to get it together.

Since Nathan returned to school, there have been some changes to therapy schedules, types of therapies, amount of therapy, and we've begun the transition process of moving Nathan from Early Intervention into CPSE (Committee on Special Education).

Nathan now has 11 scheduled therapy sessions per week and we're about to add a few more (3 speech, 3 special eduction, 2 O.T., 2 P.T. and 1 hippotherapy). We're about to add music therapy to the list twice a week. It's all good stuff, but I'm finding it a little challenging to keep it straight with his school schedule, scheduling conflicts that arise and the rescheduling that has to take place, doctors appointments for Nathan and myself, working on the transition and my regular mommy/housewife duties. Did I mention I'm teaching 4 college level courses too and still managing to workout! We are literally living by a tight schedule. But, we're doing it with a "can do" attitude.

Last week, I completely missed my own doctor appointment and the week before, I forgot about one for Nathan. The appoint I missed for Nathan, will be made up this morning at 8:30am, then we have therapy at 9:30am and I have an appointment at 10:00am. If it weren't for a supportive and understanding husband, my sister and awesome job that affords me the opportunity to work from home and at night, I'd never be able to swing all this.

As I mentioned, we are beginning the transition process that moves Nathan from Early Intervention to CPSE. I don't have the time to explain the entire process right now, but I've been working with our EI Service Coordinator to make sure we meet all the filing deadlines, which includes registering Nathan for school, bringing him for a psychological evaluation, and scheduling our first meeting before Nathan's 3rd birthday. I've also taken a class to begin understand our rights in this process and what we should expect, as well as reading everything I can about what all of this means. I plan on taking additional classes, so I know this process, and Nathan's rights inside and out before we make this transition next year. Next week I'm also going to visit two preschools. This doesn't mean Nathan is leaving the school we love, but I have to do this in anticipation of our first meeting in December. I'll explain this at a later date.

I'll eventually figure out which way we're going. I hope! :-)

I recently read, that without "play" in our lives, life is nothing more than an endurance race. I'm a big supporter of play time for our family, and we had some fun this past week! Nathan had his first Bouncy Bounce experience and we went apple picking.

I'm super excited Nathan was able to enjoy this bouncy bounce without a lot of big kids. We've been trying to teach him to jump and watching a few boys his own age in the Bouncy Bounce helped him understand exactly what he was suppose to do. It didn't take him long to figure it out and love it! I had a hard time keeping him out!
We kept Nathan from the Bounce Bounce experience until now because children with Ds can be born with a spinal instability in their necks that prevents them from participating in activities such as this. In order for Nathan to begin hippotherapy, he had to have an x-ray to rule this out. He's fine and we're thrilled. One more thing to check off our list.
What I loved most about our apple picking adventure, was that Nathan's now old enough to actually pick the apples, and to eat them with his mommy and grammy the entire time too!

Thanks for checking in with us!