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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Celebrating Nathan (Part I)

Happy Birthday Nathan!!!!

Today, is your third birthday Nathan! This past year has been filled with a lot of fun and new experiences for you and our family. This years' birthday celebrations will reflect the characters you have grown to love over the past year ~ Mickey Mouse & Elmo!

Our family, including Chopper and Grammy, began celebrating your 3rd birthday on a long drive to meet your newest best friend at Walt Disney World, in Orlando, Florida ~ Mickey Mouse!

Under normal driving conditions, it would have taken us about 20 hours to get there, but we ran into a huge snow storm and were delayed for a day in North Carolina (not far from where Grandpa lives). We left on Christmas night to try and avoid the storm, but it spanned the entire east coast. We also wanted to leave at night so that you'd be asleep for a most of the first leg of our drive. Mommy brought movies, games, books, your Buddy the Dinosaur, and coloring books and crayons to keep you busy during the day. We packed all sorts of goodies, your favorite pear juices, and hit the road! You were great in the truck and we made it to Disney in two days instead of one.

Our first celebratory event began with Chef Mickey's at the Contemporary Resort in Walt Disney World. We almost didn't get the chance to have this experience. When I called to make the reservation, the dining experience was full. It seemed as if nothing I did was going to change this fact, but your mommy doesn't take no for an answer (especially on your birthday). It took a few letters and our reservation was secured in about two days! :-) Anything for you Nathan!! It was really important to mommy that you had a more intimate experience with your Mickey Mouse Club House friends and the folks at Disney made it happen. Thanks Disney!

We enjoyed the breakfast experience and the food was terrific! Our favorite part of the meal was the Mickey Mouse shaped waffles; they were super cute and very tasty. All of the Mickey Mouse Club House characters came by for a visit and delivered your birthday cake!

Toward the end of the breakfast, the Disney Characters and all the guests participated in the celebration song! It was super fun and our day had just begun!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to my little buddy. Aunt Kathy loves you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Emily and Uncle Tim too. WE can't leave them out.
Hope you have a great day.

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Nathan!! What a fabulous way to celebrate you!!! What fun pics!! Sorry that the drive took a little longer than planned......but glad that you made it there safely to enjoy your celebration!!