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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Come On Summer: Nathan's First Swimming Lessons

In anticipation of spending another summer at camp, Danny and I wanted to sign Nathan up for a basic swim program. The stumbling block was choosing the right program and then knowing when it was the right time for Nathan. The last thing we wanted to do was frighten him.

Nathan is attending swim lessons from the varsity swim team at RPI, (the College where I received my graduate degree). From the moment I saw the advertisement, I knew immediately it would be the perfect fit for our family.

He wasn't a big fan of the water temperature, but he quickly got used to it and we had a great time at Nathan's first swimming lesson! Daddy was on hand to take all the pictures. We started our lesson by kicking (like crazy)! Oh, he loved this part! Then the instructors gave us these balls and Nathan swam to them, pick it up, throw it, and start all over. He actually doggy paddled! It was awesome! Jumping in like a pro! He loved jumping into the pool and kept signing "more." Learning to blowing bubbles with our mouths was tricky. We need to keep practicing. And, finally learning how to floating on his back. Yeah, he wasn't a huge fan at first, but he's doing great now! Daddy took him to swimming this week and is taking him again next week. Last week, they practiced going under water! YIKES! Thanks to a former coworker, who's little boy is also taking lessons at RPI, we have a few pictures to share. Thanks Cindy!!

I love this picture! Nathan's getting ready for sunbathing too!

Only a few more weeks until camp opens! Summer, here we come!

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