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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bye Bye Toddler School ~ Hello Preschool

Miss Cole ~ Nathan's Toddler Teacher for the past two years!
Nathan officially graduated from toddler school Tuesday!!!  I know most don't consider this a graduation, but I certainly do!  Nathan has spent the last two school years with the same teachers and with a few of the same kids.  We're so thankful for the love and support that his teachers have provided him these past few years and we're certainly going to miss them, but it's time for Nathan to move on.  He's ready to be challenged in an educational environment that is better suited to meet his needs. Nathan will be embarking on a new journey with new teachers and new friends.

Thank you gifts for Nathan's Toddler Teachers
I've been researching and visiting preschools since Nathan was the ripe old age of one - no kidding!  I could go on and on about what I liked about each school and what I didn't, but it would take too long!  I'll just say this ~ there were schools that didn't believe in Nathan's abilities and schools that didn't provide him with enough support.  One school in particular refused to teach Nathan the alphabet or his numbers because they felt that without understanding the "context" of such exercises, it would be meaningless and pointless. And, "it wasn't their responsibility to prepare children for kindergarten."  WHAT? I knew instantly, that this school wasn't the right fit for our son. Nathan has great potential and the ability to learn.  We will not send him to a school with such low expectations right out of the gate.  Quite honestly, with that kind of attitude, I'm surprised they're even in business and so well respected.  Everyone raves about this school, which is the only reason I looked into it.   I guess we all have different opinions about the abilities of our children and what's best for them. 

The school we ultimately chose is amazing!!  I made several visits, as did dad and Nathan's therapists.  The classrooms are small ~ perfect for little ones. They even have little doors, toilets, and sinks!  The school uses a creative educational curriculum, they offer therapy on site (therapists are employed by the school, which means there's more accountability and the Director is a no-nonsense type of person. yeah!), there is a lot of in-class support services offered by both a Special Education Teacher and an Early Childhood teacher (both hold Master's degrees in their respective fields), and the school has a College of St. Rose Special Education component (this was very important). The school also has a kindergarten class, which Nathan may be enrolled in, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.  The school seems to have just about everything I was looking for!  I'll blog more about the specifics of the educational curriculum, therapy services, and St. Rose component when Nathan officially transitions from Early Intervention into the CPSE system, which will happen in mid-August. 

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