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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our Father's Day Fish Tale

We had a super fun Father's Day, complete with hanging out at the beach, fishing, playing at the playground, watching an old family movie, and enjoying lots of food! 
 Fishing was always on the agenda for today.  I'm going to let you in on a little secret ~ Danny has never caught a fish in his life!  That fact has always saddened me and on some level bothered Danny too.  Although, I have it on good authority that he and Nathan will make up for this deficit in no time, I still prayed that God would give him a BIG fish on Father's Day.    

In typical Danny fashion, there would be no fishing for Daddy until Nathan had had his turn and how cute is he?   These first three pictures are actually from two weeks ago, when we took Nathan fishing for the first time.  The other pictures and video are from Father's Day.  Our son is a natural fisherman.

 As you might imagine, Nathan thought the worm was weird!  We would hand Nathan the worm and he'd take it every time, but as soon as the worm would move, he'd drop it and freak out!  No surprise there ~ his Daddy does the same thing! hehehe  Just kidding.  

The first person to catch a fish on Father's Day was Grammy! Well, it was her day too, so why not! It was also the first catch of her life.  Thankfully, Danny took a picture of this little guy because when they placed him in the water for Nathan to see (we were on a bike ride) he swam away!!  He said, "adios folks! I'm out of here." 

Well, it wasn't long before Daddy had a bite too!  YEAH!!  Daddy would get his first fish and Nathan would get to touch him.  And, he did!  Although, this little guy doesn't really count as the catch of the day or his first "real fish." It would do for now.  My prayers were bigger than this and I knew God wouldn't disappoint! 
God was just teasing him with this little guy!

So, here's the fish comedy tale.  After his little guy was tossed back into the lake, Danny wormed up and threw the line back in.  After a little bit he decided to grab a beer.  When he turned his back, his bobber went down.  I yelled, "Danny your bobber's going down!"  He immediately turned when it popped back up and didn't move.  Figures.  So, after another minute he turned again to grab his refreshment and once again that bobber went back down! I said,"babe, it's doing down again!" Now, I'm totally cracking up because it's like this fish is totally toying with him.  I said, "just turn your back and pull the line! hahaha Let's see if that works!"  Well, he turns his back and that bobber goes back down. I felt like we were on some funny prank television show.  He pulled the pole up and we weren't really sure if he caught the fish or not, but my dad said, "reel it in ~ you got him."  He didn't know if it was another little guy or what, but I'll tell you this ~ God answered my prayers! What a Father's day present!!   
That is one proud papa!
After Danny caught his first big mouth bass, it was like we were at the casino - he packed it up and was done for the day!  That's it - he hit it big and hit the road!

We enjoyed such a nice day together and I wanted to end it with something special.  I decided to make my own pictorial cupcake wrappers.  These are a little bigger than they should be because I had planned on making my own cupcakes too, but simply ran out of time and the cupcakes I bought were a lot smaller.

The bonus of buying cupcakes was that everyone got their favorite ~ Daddy enjoyed a Guinness cupcake, Grandpa had carrot cake, Grammy had smores, and Nathan had cotton candy!  

Nathan & Grandpa (or Papa as Nathan calls him)
Happy Father's Day!

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