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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

From An Elegant Garden Party To The Down & Dirty Stock Car Races

This weekend was full of lots of parties and a little stock car racing.  We began our weekend at my Aunt's annual Friendship Garden Party, which was, as always, perfect.  There was no detail left undone. The theme surrounded the recent Royal wedding ~ we enjoyed English punch, played Royal wedding trivia, the center flower pieces were in English tea cups, and each attendee was given a little royal gift.  We were entertained by a guitarist and a lovely and funny quartet.  My Aunt even took the time to make all the little girls their dresses with matching hair pieces.  Simply adorable!  I really love that we have this "girly" time together and appreciate all the work that goes into the planning.  Most people live by the adage of "don't sweat the small stuff," but when it comes to planning an event ~ I don't and neither do my Aunt's.

Thank you Aunt Dorothy!

After a long nap, Nathan and I drove to Fonda Speedway to watch my dad do laps in the antique cars division.  I wasn't sure how Nathan was going to fare given how obnoxiously loud the cars are, especially, those modifieds! 

When we first arrived at the track, he tried to run away!  I thought, "oh, no.  This isn't good," but we forged ahead anyway.  As we walked through the stadium, we were pleasantly surprised to see my Aunt  Dorothy and Uncle Ivan, so we sat with them.   
   Nathan did really well with the noise and enjoyed watching the cars go around.  Here are a couple of videos from the race.  Nathan was too cute.  When he was standing by himself between my Aunt and I, he would turn and duck when the cars went by and then clap as they went into the back stretch.  The second video is a little off center because I'm trying to hold my phone, but was guessing as to whether or not I was actually getting us in the picture.

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