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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pickin Berries, Meeting Super-Heroes, Exploring a Castle, & Hanging With Some Cool Pirates!

This summer has seriously flown by! Our family has been so busy, I feel like Nathan has gotten the short end of the summer adventure stick.  Last year, we were traveling all over, but with selling our house (2 or 3 showings a week), building our new house, training for my triathlon, and therapy sessions (that just ended - I'll blog about that soon), we haven't been on as many adventures as I'd like.     

In spite of our busy schedules, we have had a few fun Summer adventures and are scheduled for a few more before school begins.   

First, Nathan and I went on our first blueberry and cherry picking adventure!  We drove about an hour and a half, to an orchard that borders Vermont to pick some of the yummiest blueberries I've ever eaten!  Nathan thought so too! I've frozen the blueberries, so we can enjoy some delicious muffins during the winter months. The cherries were ok, but I'm not sure I'd pick them again - they were a little tart for my liking.  Here are a few pics and videos from that day.

Nathan is actually standing inside the cart to reach the cherries. 

Nathan had a lot of fun picking, but really enjoyed eating the blueberries!

Beyond spending as many days as possible at camp, we've also spent a few days at the Great Escape where Nathan went on the swings and a roller coaster for the first time!   Last week, we decided to venture out and took a trip to Six Flags New England.  This park isn't unlike the Great Escape, except it has lots of super cool adult roller coasters, Super-heroes, better food choices, and an awesome water park!  The kids really enjoyed the pint-sized lazy river and we'd love to go back before the season ends to spend an entire day in the water park. 

Nathan was fascinated by Wonder Woman, scared of Batman, and indifferent with Robin ~ sounds about right! :-) 

Last weekend, Nathan and I drove seven hours round-trip to Alexandria Bay in the Thousands Islands of New York, to attend the Captain Bill Johnson's Pirate Invasion!

The first order of business was to take a ferry to Boldt Castle and go exploring! We had purchased our tickets and were on our way to wait for our boat to arrive when Nathan decided to throw his shoe into the water!!!   Oh, man!   What was I going to do now?  What any mom would do ~ lay down on the dock, bend over into the water and get that shoe! :-)  I can't believe I didn't fall in.  Thank goodness his shoes float!  Stinker.

We explored the inside of the castle, but really enjoyed the grounds and watching all the boats.  Every time Nathan saw a boat he said, "Da da!"  He thought daddy was going to arrive on his own cigarette boat for lunch! 

The castle was just beautiful and we enjoyed lunch on the grounds in the middle of the Bay. 
We could have stayed a lot longer, but we had to get back for the pirate invasion ~ a reenactment of pirates sailing in and taking over the Bay.  A battle ensues that includes cannons, gun fire, and sword fights, and concludes with the Mayor eventually handing over the keys to the Bay.  It was fun and so many people were dressed up!  I wish we had more time to enjoy the Island.  It was so beautiful.  We'll definitely go back again and stay for a few days.  

Thanks for stopping by!  We have a few more adventures on tap before summer ends, so stay tuned to the Adventures of Nathan.  :-)


Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

The look on his face in the Wonderwoman pictures is PRICELESS! And, that pirate adventure looks pretty awesome. You guys seem to be having a really great summer- I don't know how you fit it all in!

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Hello beautiful boy! I just love reading your blog entries that your mommy does with such love! Wow what adventures you have been on! I wish we had half the adventures here in SA that you have there! Love all your photos - you are growing up so fast! Just wanted to say hi and that we are praying and thinking of you today as you go to theatre, GOD has you in the palm of his hand and will bring you through this with flying colours! God bless and lots of love!