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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Health Check

For our regular readers, you know Nathan's had a tough winter, but there are a few things we haven't shared. When Nathan was brought to the hospital for what turned out to be the early stages of pneumonia, the doctor handling his case kept asking Danny about Nathan's lungs and whether or not he was born with any lung abnormalities. We insisted that he wasn't and that the doctors performed all the necessary tests in the NICU to determine this, but she was so persistent that we became concerned. Did they miss something? Is Nathan now three years old and we're just figuring out he has a problem with his lungs? Not the line of questioning or news we were expecting.

During our follow up visit to Nathan's pediatrician, we told him what had transpired at the hospital and voiced our concerns that something may have been missed early on. I asked for a follow up x-ray in about a month, to be absolutely sure we weren't missing something. He said that it wasn't normal procedure, but in Nathan's case he'd make the exception.

A few weeks ago Nathan developed yet again, another chest cold, fever, and vomiting. Given his tumultuous winter, I didn't take any chances and off to the doctor we went. Well, we got another shock at this visit. Nathan had developed a heart murmur. CRAP! What is that? Why would he have it? How was I going to tell Danny? It will break his heart.

Before leaving the pediatrician, we made an appointment with our favorite pediatric cardiologist ~ Dr. Harm Velvis. The appointment was two weeks out. Dr. Velvis is the President of the Down Syndrome Aim High Resource Center and has a beautiful daughter with Ds.

At this point, we still don't know if Nathan has a problem with his lungs and now we may have just added a heart condition to the mix. You could probably imagine how we were feeling. Helpless and heart broken. It was a rough time.

I decided it was time to get that chest x-ray and Nathan's blood work done, to begin ruling out health issues. So, off to Albany Medical Center we went. For those of you with little ones, I found out at the hospital that your pediatrician can prescribe a numbing cream, so the kids don't feel the needles. I'm not sure why I've never been told this before, but Nathan just experienced his last needle without that cream. Thankfully, the chest x-ray came back fine!!! As did his annual blood work (we always have that cancer concern)! YEAH! Now, we just had to worry about his heart.

When we arrived at the cardiologist's office, Nathan immediately had an EKG and then a full exam by Dr. Velvis. His diagnosis ~ Nathan was FINE! He believed the murmur was caused by the illness, which is apparently common in children, but to be sure he performed an echocardiogram. We were able to see Nathan's little heart at work! It was so cool. And, the end result was the same. His little heart is perfect! THANK GOD!

To say that we're ready for summer, would be an understatement.

Here are a few fun pictures from the last week. Nathan's cousin celebrated his first birthday (the theme was bunnies) and Nathan is loving spending time with Babe! By the way, Babe just celebrated his 31st birthday!!

Nathan and the birthday boy hanging with the bunny who came to visit!
This is my Mimere with a some of her grandchildren.

Nathan's helmet is bigger than his head, which is why it rarely stays on straight! hahaha

Thanks for stopping by and for the prayers for Nathan. When I gave Nonnie the news she cried tears of joy and said, "Oh, God he answered my prayers. I'm so glad." Amen to that.