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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Over the Edge for the Special Olympics

At the beginning of May, Danny and I received an email from Nathan's Aunt Charly, about starting a team to raise money and awareness for the Special Olympics.  

Team Nathan was born.

The fundraising event is appropriately named ~ Over the Edge, because once you've raised $1,000, you'll have the unique opportunity to rappel down an 18-story building! The event takes place on September 16th, at the Crown Plaza in Albany, and it looks like I'll be heading over that edge sometime around 11:00am. 

There are several different activities in the weeks to come that will help Team Nathan members reach their goals.  Charly is hosting a fundraiser on August 13th, at Savanna's in Albany, at 8:00PM.  If you're interested in joining us, just come down!  It's sure to be a fun night, filled with lots of pretty awesome raffles!

There is also some fundraising happening at Carvel, Planet Beach, and Two Cousins fish market in Loudonville, thanks to Johanna Lyon.  She has also arranged a hot yoga fundraiser for our team that will take place on Sunday, August 14th at the estudio in Latham.  I don't have a specific time for the class yet, but should soon. My guess is around 7:00PM.  The studio will ask for a $20 donation from all attendees and proceeds will go to Team Nathan!  If you've never tried hot yoga ~ now is the time!

I also have to thank my friend Lisa, who stepped up to help the Special Olympics and our Team.  She has organized a really fun competition that will draw a huge a crowd on September 16th, and get lots of press for this great cause!

For those of you who may not be aware, Lisa is among many things, the only female boxing promoter in the State, and she has had the amazing opportunity to work with some of our areas best fighters.  A few years ago, she held an ESPN, Friday Night Fights event at the Saratoga City Center.  The headline fight was the heavy weight bout of Shannon Miller and Vinny Maddalone of Brooklyn.  It was a great fight! If you were there ~ you remember it!  Shannon put everything he had into that fight, but lost to Vinny. 

Well, Vinny and Shannon will meet again, but this time it's for the Special Olympics and this event!! Now, it's a race to the bottom!!   

Team Pugnacious has also asked Mike Farragon to participate and he's on board! For those in the boxing world, you know who Mike is ~ an awesome fighter who usually headlines on Lisa's cards. 

Check out this poster! It was created to just for this event!
Thank you Lisa, Vinny, Shannon, Mike, Johanna, and everyone that donated!

Every week, the Special Olympics puts out a newsletter and guess who was the first edger in the spotlight? You know that little face!  Nathan Terry and his mommy.  This was the article.
Edger Spotlight

Kandi Terry is going Over the Edge for more than just the thrill of rappelling over an 18-story building – she is doing it for her 3 year old son, Nathan, who has Down Syndrome. Her son Nathan already loves sports, whether it’s kicking a soccer ball, swimming or riding his horse. Kandi knows that her son Nathan will one day participate in Special Olympics, and she has already taken initiative to give back to the organization.

To Kandi, going Over the Edge is symbolic – individuals with intellectual disabilities face challenges and have mountains to climb every day. She believes that when Special Olympics athletes achieve success and have those medals to be proud of, they are on top of that mountain. Kandi is going Over the Edge of that mountain to bring Nathan and the other 51,809 athletes in New York State to the top.

The thrill of rappelling is still part of Kandi’s motivation, though. She remembers cliff jumping in Jamaica, like it was yesterday and the rush that came with it. She also loves to exercise and train at the gym and will be competing in her first triathlon. According to Kandi, “this event is a blending of my favorite things - my son, helping those in my community, and a new adventure! Everyone deserves a chance to know what it feels like to train for an event and then cross the finish line. There's no feeling like it!”

Thanks to our generous supporters like Kandi, Special Olympics New York athletes will have that chance.

All of this is a testament to the power of one ~ thank you Aunt Charly. 
xxxo Nathan