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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Ultimate Anniversary Gift ~ Dedicated To A Little Star

When it's time to leave the day behind and enjoy a little down time,  Danny loves watching some very interesting television programs.  His new favorite show, NY Ink, just finished airing its first season on The Learning Channel (TLC).  New York Ink is owned by famed tattoo artist Ami James, of Miami Ink, previously on TLC.   For those of you who have followed our blog, you know that Danny already has one tattoo of an angel with Nathan's name underneath it.  Since his first ink, Danny has been itching to go back, which is why he loves watching these types of shows!

Now, I always thought that Danny would have wanted a tattoo from Ami James, but when I asked him who he thought was the best artist in the shop, he said Tommy Montoya ~ "the guy with all the tattoos on his head." Oh yeah, that guy!  I still didn't know who he was. 

Well, I knew our wedding anniversary was coming up and I thought it would be super cool to make an appointment for Danny at the NY Ink shop ~ aka. the Wooster Street Social Club.  How hard could it be?  Yeah, right.  Much harder than I thought.

First of all, this place doesn't have a phone number! You can't just call the main number and make an appointment ~ the website gives their hours and says ~ first-come-first-serve only.  Crap.  That's not going to work.  How am I suppose to know when Tommy's there?  What if we show up and he's there, but there are like 10 people ahead of us?  This isn't turning out to be that easy, but as most of you know, I'm pretty determined.

In the beginning of July, I attended an event in Long Island and on my way home, stopped to visit one of my closets girlfriends in the City, who agreed to take me over to NY Ink to see what I could do. 

Think about this ~ it was Saturday night in New York City, I'm in now one of the most famous tattoo shops in the world, and it was crazy busy ~ people were everywhere!    When you enter the shop, there are small windows down a long corridor leading to the main desk that allow you to watch the artists at work.  On my way in, I asked some random people who Tommy was and thankfully he was there ~ working right along side Ami James.   How cool! 

I truly believe that timing is everything in life and this trip was no exception.  When I walked up to the roped-off artist area, Tommy had just finished a tattoo and the guy was checking it out in the mirror right next to me (tattoos normally take hours and he just happened to be finishing up when I arrived).  Just as I'm standing there, Tommy walked out beyond the ropes and I knew ~ this WAS MY CHANCE!  I seriously had about 2.2 seconds to make my case for a definitive appointment for Danny with this guy and I had to make it count.   

I told him a little about Danny, a little about Nathan, and that I'd like to have an appointment for a portrait for our anniversary.   That was all it took!  He walked me over to the counter and told the guy to make me an appointment.  At this point, the guy behind the counter pulled out two composite notebooks and put them in front of us and said, "this one's for the people who want tattoos from you and this one's for the people who you've said can get tattoos.  What do you want me to do?"  Tommy said, "put her in on August 1st at noon."  I wish I could have saw my own face when he said that date.  I never told him when our anniversary was, but it's August 1st.   This was all overwhelming, but I wasn't done.  How was I going to tell Danny?  I knew and just needed a quick picture with Tommy to put the icing on this anniversary cake!

When I walked out of that building and told my friend Becky what happened, we were both in tears!  I have no doubt that God didn't provide me with some heavenly intervention.  It couldn't have worked out any better.

Now, I had to keep this a secret and wait for the right moment for the big reveal.  I always make Danny a very special anniversary card, filled with pictures and usually a nice poem I've written.  This year was no exception.  After spending hours searching for just the right card ~ I found it.  It seriously could not have been any cuter or fitting. This was the card:

If you click on the card it will increase the size, so you can read it.  It's cute.

Needless to say, Danny didn't even know what the card said until about 10 minutes later!  All he saw was that picture of me with Tommy Montoya!  He lit up like a Christmas tree and had the biggest smile on his face when he opened this card.  It was awesome!!!  

Once the reality of the appointment set in, I broke the news that he had about 12-hours to pick a tattoo!  He wanted to hug me and kill me all at the same time! hehehe  These aren't easy decisions to make, but I knew he'd do it. 

We left early the next morning {our anniversary} with pictures in hand.  We had a great day.  Danny chose to have Nathan's portrait done on his left arm.  The below picture is Danny's favorite and was the inspiration for his tattoo.  It's of Nathan on the beach in Ocean City Maryland, when he was about 18-months old.  

 Here we go!!!

Once the portrait was finished, Danny wanted to have stars put around it for two reasons ~  first, Nathan's favorite song is Twinkle Twinkle and he is, and always will be, daddy's little star. 

The finished product.

Danny & Tommy Montoya

So, Danny wants to know how I'm going to top this next year?  He'll just have to wait and see.....