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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Adirondack Balloon Festival ~ The Third Time Was A Charm!!

After three years of trekking to the Adirondack Balloon festival, Nathan I are were finally able to watch them launch!  As you'll see it was an amazing sight! Every time a balloon launched, people would applause and we'd wave bye-bye to the balloon as they sailed just over our heads!   

This was actually the first balloon we saw upon entering the festival.  It was taking passengers on a tethered ride just above the ground.  I tried to take Nathan, but the flame and noises scared him, so we'll try it another time.  Hopefully, not in another three years! lol.   

This balloon was just pretty.

This is a big funny looking fish!  It was gigantic.

How crazy is this guy?  His gas tank was strapped to his back!

The Passino Family joined us at the festival! I love this picture.

Balloon Gazing!

My favorite picture of the day!!

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