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Monday, October 17, 2011

Autumn Leaves Are Falling Down, Falling Down, Falling Down....

Our family has been trying to soak up every last ray of the Summer sun, while enjoy crisp cool Autumn days filled with leaf leaping, apple picking, and pumpkin patches.  

Columbus Day weekend was gorgeous and we certainly took advantage of it!  Nathan and I spent the weekend at camp and had a fun-packed weekend.  We certainly have missed Daddy this summer, but he has been busy building our new house and it's looking amazing!!!  Camp just hasn't been the same without him.  Although, Nathan has been helping him as much as possible! :-)

We visited a local Pumpkin Patch in Saratoga Springs called Sunnyside Gardens.  It's close to camp and Nathan's cousin Lily and his Aunt Niki joined us for some fun!  The pictures that follow are a sampling of the displays they made from hay, a little paint, and a lot of creativity.    It was very impressive. 

Smurf Village

Puff the Magic Dragon

Wizard of Oz

Just over 3 feet!

this is just funny!
No day is complete without dancing!

These pictures are out of order, because we actually enjoyed lunch at an outdoor cafe' and then took the kids to the park before heading to the pumpkin patch.  Ah, it's ok. 

Duck watching

 Nathan also enjoyed jumping in the leaves with his camp friends.  It may be the first time Nathan has actually jumped in a pile of leaves.  I wasn't sure if he would like it or not, but I couldn't get him out!  He seriously loved it.

 We also spent time picking apples with a few friends.  Nathan loved picking apples and couldn't pick them fast enough.  Problem was ~ every apple he picked ~ he bit!  Just like when we went blueberry picking.  We had a lesson on picking the apples and putting them in the bag.  The pictures tell the whole story!

I love the light coming through the trees in this picture

Yep, this picture says it all! lol!
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