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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Polar Express

~Tis the Season~ 

It's time to kick off our Christmas Season!

We had originally made plans to take Nathan on the Polar Express after Thanksgiving, but received an invitation to a family event that we didn't want to miss. Thankfully, the train station was gracious enough to reschedule our trip, but that meant going before the official Holiday Season.   

The Polar Express is a train experience inspired by the book, and now movie, THE POLAR EXPRESS by Chris Van Allsburg.  The train takes all its passengers on a two-hour round trip journey to the North Pole, where a special child is given the first gift of Christmas.  The children wear their pj's and there's Christmas caroling, games, lots of Santa's elves, and the reading of the book on your way.      

The below picture was taken at the Utica Train Station just before we boarded the Adirondack Scienic Railway, i.e. the Polar Express, to the North Pole.  We bought Nathan an official train conductor cap for the ride and he's wearing his "Santa's Helper", Christmas jammies.

The train was festively decorated with lights and garland and they played Christmas music along the route.  The only other draw back to going so early, was that very few houses were decorated for Christmas; it would have been fun to look at them with Nathan. 

Nathan totally dug the elves!  I don't know if it was because they were more his size or what, but the big guy in the red suit ~ forget it!  He was terrified! 

Don't let that cute little smile fool you.  When Santa boarded our train, he sat right down with Nathan and he freaked out!  He wanted no part of being on Santa's lap or even near him.  The best we could do was a high five.  

Just as Santa was leaving, we tried to get at least one picture.  You would have thought he adored Santa looking at that smile.  No way! :-)  Santa even gave Nathan a little gift  (a Christmas bell) and he threw it! 

When we arrived back at the Station, we were greeted with hot chocolate and cookies.  We had a nice time and will certainly do it again when Nathan's a little older.  Next time, we'll head to the Saratoga station where they have triple-decker trains!