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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I really wasn't sure what to name this post ~ "Where is Nathan?" Or maybe, "Change.  The only Constant." Or even, "Toto, I Don't Think We're in Kansas Anymore."   They would all apply to our life this past month. 

As most of you know, we accepted an offer on our house in October and were suppose to close at the beginning of December, which meant we had to find an apartment, didn't have our traditional family Christmas dinner at our home, didn't go away on vacation or for my 40th birthday, and had to throw together a last minute party for our sons 4th birthday.  In mid-January, we had no choice but to move or lose our apartment (the complex had now graciously held it for us far beyond what any other establishment would have). So, we moved.  Super fun. Everyone loves moving - right?  Especially when you have to figure out how to put 30 pounds of stuff in a 5-pound bag.  Not to mention, we now owned two houses with mortgages, a small overpriced apartment, and still had no closing date; almost 8-weeks after our first anticipated closing date!  We eventually had to file special papers to force the bank's hand or they'd be in breach of contract. We had been patient long enough.

On a late Friday afternoon, 5 days from the expiration of this motion, our attorney called and said, "get this: the buyers attorney just called and said if we don't close in the next two business days, there will be no mortgage!" WHAT?  After all this time and inconvenience!!  So, we said, "Fine.  Do it."  And, we spent the next three days emptying the basement, garage, and shed.  I have come to appreciate why people don't save stuff.  Although, our stuff is now literally all over the place, I have no intention of being a pack rat anymore.

Here are a few pictures from Nathan's final night in his first house. 
My last story ~ If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

My final bath in our house.
About two weeks after we moved, we had to stop at the house with Nathan, to pick up his stroller and as we were pulling away he began to cry.  Broke our hearts.  He misses his house and we completely understand.  

This transition from house to apartment has been difficult on our family and especially on Nathan. He no longer has a playroom and his bedroom now serves a dual purpose of sleeping and playing. Not something I really wanted to foster, but we have no choice.   Once we moved, we also made the decision to put Nathan in the toddler bed, which as you might suspect, has given him the freedom to get up whenever he wants and he does.  The first night, I laid with him until he fell asleep, but in the middle of the night I woke up and he was gone!  I went into his room ~ no Nathan.  Then, the living room ~ No Nathan!  Not in our room either.  (There really isn't anywhere else to go)  Now, I'm freaking out and yelling to Danny to get up because I can't find the baby.  Well, we turned on all the lights and found him sound asleep on the floor in the living room amongst the boxes.  Uhg.  Ok, time to close his door.

The next night, at 2:00AM, we hear this little knock.  We're like: "what the heck is that?" One guess ~ Nathan! He wanted to get out of his room and couldn't open the door.  It was seriously cute. I still snicker about it.  He has the littlest knock and he wasn't upset, but just kept knocking until we went to his room and let him out.  Lights on ~ life is good at 2:00AM.  :-)

Then, he figured out how to open his door and every night he wakes up and either tries to watch t.v. or plays with his musical books/toys.  One night, I found him sitting inside his toy box at 2:00AM, which has become the witching hour now.  Needless to say, no one is sleeping well in this apartment.  Not to mention, listening to people all around you walking, doing laundry, talking.  We hear everything here and it's less than ideal, but thank God, it's temporary.

Besides Nathan not sleeping well with his new found freedom, we've also transitioned into pull-ups.  Nathan's teachers really didn't think he was ready, but I believe that diapers prevent Nathan from knowing when he's wet, so I made the decision to try the pull-ups.  Nathan needs to feel the sensation of being wet and uncomfortable in order to understand he needs to use the potty.  And, guess what?  It worked!  Nathan is now regularly pooping on the toilet and has begun to tell us when he pees!  It's certainly a work in progress, but progress is being made and we're thrilled!!    Way to go our little man!!
My first day in pull-ups!
Considering life has been so challenging lately, and I haven't told you the half of it because in the grand scheme of life, it doesn't really matter ~ home is where your heart is, and as long as we're together as a family, nothing else matters. This too shall pass....

To balance out the chaos and change in our lives, we've tried to keep Nathan busy with some regular play activities and other events.  We took Nathan to see his very first Broadway Musical ~ Shrek!  He loved it and was great during the entire show.  We've gone to TreePad for some fun (see video below)and Grammie and I took him to see his bff's ~ the gang from Sesame Street. 

Once again, we bought the Sunshine seats that, so Nathan had some one-on-one time with a few of his favorite characters ~ Elmo and Grover. 

We are so going back to Sesame Place this summer!  We had a great time and were glad that Grammie was able to join us!  On that note, thanks Mom for all that you've done these past few months.  I'm not sure how we would have managed if you weren't so willing to take Nathan and Chopper every time we asked.  Even when we just needed a break ~ thank you!
When we first arrived at the Treepad, Nathan was very afraid of the loud noise, but I made him go up to the guns and see what it was that was making the noise, and help him to figure out his environment.  As you'll see in the video, he was fine after that.  We're all afraid of the unknown.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed day!

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