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Friday, February 24, 2012

Some Sweet Honey from our Little Bee

One of the coolest things about Nathan's new school, is the ability to celebrate Holidays, like Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, Halloween, and others.  This was our first year to give Valentines to Nathan's little friends at school and I wanted them to be a little special rather than the store bought alternatives, sow e went shopping at the craft store.   We went for the Valentine's, Be Mine theme.   

 We made the bees from pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and tissue paper for wings.  We bought the hearts and attached them with lollipops.

Nathan's big job was to help mommy glue his friend's name on their Valentine.  It was like the honey from the bees ~ a sticky situation!  But, he got the job done. ;-)

 Each year, jammies are the gift of the Holiday, but trying to find Nathan, Valentine's Day jammies was impossible.  I looked everywhere.  There are almost no few cute Valentine's Day clothes for boys ~ tons for girls, but nothing for our little heartthrob!  Well, except this super cute t-shirt I found at Target!

We hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day as much as we did.  Thank you to those who thought of our little honey.  It is always appreciated and sweet of you to remember him on this Valentine's Day and always.   

Nathan truly is a sweet lovable kid and we are so blessed to have him in our lives.  Valentine's Day is all about the LOVE, and we sure do love you little man! xxxooo

I did not eat all the Valentines M&Ms ~ Nope, not me. Prove it.

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