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Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's A Hard-KNOCK Life For Us...

You don't always have to live in a fictional orphanage to wonder why life is so hard sometimes. Or wonder why some children are chosen to live in a perpetual state of challenges while others are left unscathed. 

This blog post was suppose to be about the great hair cut Nathan received at SnipIts, located in 20 Mall in Guilderland.  It was suppose to introduce you to a salon that not only specializes in entertaining and cutting just children's hair, but to also inform you that the salon owner has an 8-year old son with Ds, so they get it.  They were amazing ~ blowing bubbles, singing to him, and just loving him.  All while he was throwing a classic Nathan hair cut hissy fit.  I even took a few before and after pictures.   


Without a doubt, we will return to SnipIts for Nathan's hair cuts. They were beyond wonderful with him and so patient. There are a few of you out there (Nicole and Grammy) who have had the pleasure of experiencing a Nathan hair-cut-hissy-fit, so you know that having the assistance of anyone is greatly appreciated.  Not that it makes it emotionally easier for either of us. 

However, had I known this picture was going to be the last one Nathan would take with ALL OF HIS TEETH, I would have snapped a thousand of them. 

On Monday, at around 1:10PM, I received a phone call from Nathan's special education teacher because he apparently tripped or fell in the classroom and hit his face on a wooden step stool.  He was ok, but it appeared that his front tooth had come loose because it was crooked. (Nice. Oh, shit.)

Luckily, I was already on my way to pick him up and when I arrived he was sitting happily in the kitchen eating a green Popsicle and reading an Elmo book.  It took at a nanosecond to see that his top front tooth indeed had come loose ~ very loose. 

Once we got into the car, I started calling every dentist I could think of to see Nathan.  I called Jason Decker's Office and because Nathans not their patient, they wouldn't take him right away, but would schedule a new patient visit the next afternoon.  How nice.   Next, I called my own dentist ~ Dr. Lyons.  His secretary again informed me that he doesn't usually see new emergency patients not even 4-year olds.  Great.  My won dentist won't see my kid.  However, to his credit, he did call me back to tell me there was little he could do for Nathan, and that we might want to consider calling an orthopedic surgeon to have the tooth removed. Super.

Next call, the surgeon who doesn't take patients as young as Nathan and they have no idea who does.  I was really batting a thousand here.  So, you ask ~ why didn't I bring Nathan to his own dentist?  Because I couldn't remember who that was!!  It had been so long ago that I took him there that I couldn't recall his name and, as I told Dr. Decker's office, he reminded me of John Wayne Gacy, the American serial killer of teenage boys.  My son was never going back there.  And, that's the truth.  He even looked like him.  But, this was an emergency, so I tried calling every pediatric dentist I could think of on Western Ave, because that's about the only thing I remember.  No luck. 

I was seriously getting nowhere and had a little boy with a big problem.  Then, I remembered we know someone in the dental field ~ Jeff McMinn!  He was my cousin's next door neighbor growing up, a fellow instructor at HVCC. I sent him a message on facebook and then called his mom, who gave me his cell number and within minutes he called me back.  He agreed to see Nathan after his scheduled patients, to be sure he was ok.  Thank God!!  Someone actually cares about my son and the tooth that's about to fall out of his mouth.

As Nathan and I were walking down the stairs his tooth fell out. 

We went anyway.  BTW, someone told me to put the tooth in milk because they heard it could be put back in.  Yeah, I didn't try it. Could you imagine me walking into the dentist office with Nathan's tooth in milk? lol. 

Anyway, Jeff needed an x-ray of Nathan's tooth because the tooth literally broke off and he wanted to make sure there weren't any fragments left in his gums.  As you could probably imagine, a mouth x-ray was about to go over about as well as a hair cut.  So, we tried to make him comfortable and the machine became a giant microphone. 

 He is so cute! Pisses me off that he has to go endure so much.
Look at those cheeks!

We ultimately got the x-ray, but it wasn't without a fight.  What that x-ray showed and what we uncovered at our dentist appointment the next day is still sinking in.  We're anger, hurt, and scrambling to help him.

Stay tuned.....I'm out of time today.   


Lisa said...

Kandi: You continue to be an inspiration! He is such a great kid and you are such a great mom. I hope Nathan is feeling better. Let me know if you need anything (other than a dentist). ( : xo

Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

Oh, no, Kandi! I am so nervous to hear what you found out-- I am thinking of you and your little guy!