Nathan is Hebrew and means "gift from God" - we couldn't have been more blessed than to have been chosen as his parents!

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas is in the bag, or if your Nathan, it's in your pocket...

Nathan's Christmas festivities began at school with ginger bread house decorating!  The kids did such a great job ~ this is their delicious Christmas Village.  The best part of this decorating event was that Daddy was Nathan's helper! 
 The teachers also took the time to make ornaments out of applesauce.  Very creative!
 Finally, Nathan's Christmas wreathe hung on our tree this season and has been saved for next year too.  Thanks to the Violet Room staff for all their efforts. 

Our family Christmas card this year was an ornament card of Nathan's school picture.  I just love the ornament cards because you can add them to your tree year after year.  We only sent them to immediate family because they're probably the only ones willing to place the card on their Christmas tree. :-)  We didn't forget our other friends ~ we did something a little different for them this year, but that's in the next post. 
Christmas Eve was another fun night and was capped off with a visit from Old St Nick! 
Who's knocking at the door?

Holy Christmas!  It's Ho Ho!!  Run!!!

But, wait ~ he has presents.  Ok, he's cool.  I'll sit on his lap.
Thanks St. Nick and your awesome elf ~ you two are the best and we appreciate your spirit!!
 Santa thought it would be fun for the kids to have blinking red noses just like Rudolph!  How clever for our little reindeer.  I really wasn't sure how Nathan would react to wearing this nose, but he loved it!

We had a very late night on Christmas Eve, so we thought Nathan would sleep in. Yeah, right!  He was up at 6:00am, so the present unwrapping began!  Santa wrapped all of Nathan's gifts in Elmo paper.  Can you believe that?  Those elves really know what Nathan likes and don't mind going the extra mileto see him smile. 
 Nathan loves is Llama llama Red Pajama book that his cousin gave him last Christmas, so we added another to his collection.
 And, here it is ~ the most annoying toy of the season winner! lol.  I think this would be a great toy for Grammy's house.  I'll let you listen and decide.  :-)
This was the most creative toy this season ~ it's a hide-and-seek elephant.  We hide the elephant and Nathan uses a remote control to find it.   Each time he presses the button, the elephant trumpets, which helps Nathan track it down.  It's really cute and he loves finding it. 

This next gift wins the surprise of the season award!  Our music buff loves the guitar and the piano, so Grammy ordered him a real guitar!  A black one. hahahaha
 Nathan could care less that it was pink - he loved it, but Grammy didn't think it was so funny. She's returning it for the black one.  
And, here it is. The toy of all toys ~ Rockin Elmo!!!  Oh, I knew this was going to be the hit of the year! Elmo that sings and plays music.  Priceless.  Nathan also received a Grover microphone that sings some of Nathan's favorite songs together with Elmo.  It's amazing how these toys all communicate with each other. 
Another great gift idea and an even more creative solution to all that wrapping paper hanging around.  Just put it in your pocket!!

 Christmas was capped off with a dance party and reindeer rides! 

Thank you to all those who generously gave of yourself to Nathan and our family.  I couldn't begin to mention every thoughtful gift, but each and every one is greatly appreciated. From my Coach keychain with Nathan and Danny's pictures in it to Nathan's handmade backpack.  For all the gift cards and Christmas wishes ~ thank you.   We hope that your Christmas was a Holy and blessed day.  xxoo