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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chugging into Fall......

I feel like a broken record this year, especially when it comes to my inability to focus on updating Nathan's blog.  As most of you probably know, we finished and moved into our new house, but what you may not be aware of, is that my Aunt decided in April to run for the State Senate, and it's been a very busy 6+ months.  And truth be told, since she won her Primary election, there's been changes for our family.  

When Nathan began preschool this year, Danny and I decided we would begin the process of getting him ready for full-day kindergarten next year.  To do that, we'd leave him there one day a week until 4:00PM, and then increasing the frequency as the year progressed. However, one day turned into four overnight since I've been in the campaign office every day/night plus weekends. I know Nathan's going to be five and kindergarten is looming around the corner, but not spending our days together is something I'll never get used to.

Although these past few months have been tough, they've been important. Electing my Aunt as our next Senator is worth the sacrifice. Plus, there are only 7 days left!!! Praise God! 
Working with Mommy!
Who knew lawn signs could be so fun?
Campaigning is a lot of work!!  He slept right through debate prep! lol

So what happens in the Terry house when it's just Daddy and Nathan?  If you know us, you could have guessed this one without a video!

Like so many little boys, Nathan loves trains!  A few weeks ago, Danny put Nathan's train table together and it's been the biggest hit ever!!  He plays with his train set all the time.  He's hooked on Thomas!!  :-)

Making Cookies with Mommy
Halloween is tomorrow and I just couldn't find the costume I wants for him, so I'm making it!  I pray it comes out good, but even more, that he'll wear it!   I have NO back-up!  lol.