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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Has it really been five years?

It's finally snowing in New York! 

I know this may sound a bit strange, but until recently, we have never taken Nathan sleigh riding in the traditional sense of the activity.  We've been pulling him around on his sled since he was one, but this was the first year we've actually felt comfortable hitting the big-boy hills. We had a great time and can't wait to do it again.  

There's a nearby golf course that has some great hills and a restaurant with a nice fireplace where we enjoyed lunch and warmed up!  We're not typically snow bunnies, but when you have a little one in your life, you better learn to get over it and get out in it!  When Nathan turns six, he'll qualify for the ski program at the Double H Ranch and we're definitely signing him up for lessons, so we need to get used to our gear and the outdoor temperatures.  Not to mention, we'd love to own snowmobiles one day.   



Remember this little cutie?







Nathan's 5th birthday began this year at Aunt D.'s house on New Year's Eve ~ she always makes him a cake and it serves as the beginning of our celebration of the New Year and the years of Nathan!

Nathan was encouraged to dip his finger into the frosting.
He went all in!! That's our boy! hahaha
Nathan loves balloons, so the morning of his actual birthday, we decided to surprise him with a bunch! He was thrilled!!

Note to self: don't try and find a helium tank after New Years Eve!  Buy it before Christmas. :-)

 For this years' family party, we thought it would be fun to skate Nathan's fifth birthday away at Guptill's roller rink!  This particular rink was a great choice because they have an area for first-timers that's safe for the kids to learn and fall without being run over by the more experienced skaters, but also features lots of benches where interested guests alike can watch the action. The rink also has party rooms where we enjoyed pizza, refreshments, and a delicious cake.  There's a  huge game room and a DISCO!!  If you know Nathan, you know he LOVES to dance, so we knew this party-perk would be a huge hit and it was!!   

Nathan had never been on roller skates a day in his life and we had no idea how he would react to wheels on his feet, so this was either going to be fun for him or a total disaster.  With Nathan, there is no real way for us to describe to him what we're going to be doing or what he needs to do to "get-it," so we knew this would be a major challenge for all involved, but he'll never learn if we don't give him the opportunity to try.  


 What made the experience extra cool, was that Nathan wasn't the only roller-rink-rookie!  Most of Nathan's cousins and all of his classmates had never skated either, so this was a first-ever experience for just about all the kids!  


What I appreciated most about the day, was that this wasn't just for the kids. In full disclosure, I'm not a fan of "kid parties" where parents stand around while the kids have all the fun. My philosophy is: we're all kids at heart, so if they're having fun, I want everyone to have the opportunity to do so unless you choose otherwise.  We grew up roller-skating together as a family.  In fact, my grandparents met at a roller rink in Troy, New York and it was an fun activity that we frequently did together, so I knew the adults would enjoy getting back on their skates too.  And, we did!!    

Nathan did great on his skates!!!  He stood up almost the entire time, kept his legs straight and just went with the flow! He never got upset or freaked out, which was a huge plus and something we could work with. 

First-time of Jacob!! He did awesome! A little pro!

Seriously mom? Put that camera down! Now, is not the time!

First-time for Noah!!!  He did great!

Nathan, Mim and Aunt Dorothy
Lily's first-time too!!

 Nathan's birthday theme was Thomas the Tank Engine!  His birthday invites were Thomas and as you can see, so was his delicious cake! I'd love to post a picture of his invite, but can't find the two extras I had.  uhg. I always use Cakes by Jane in Ballston Spa ~ Jane is such a sweet person, does amazing work and her cakes are out of this world! Thanks Jane for another memorable cake!

After skating, pizza and cake, the disco opened and the kids had a great time dancing, catching bubbles and getting lost in the fog!

A few fun videos of Nathan trying to break dance and just having fun!

As most of you know, Nathan's birthday falls right after Christmas, so he is showered with lots of gifts in a very short period of time, so this year, we tried something a little different.  We asked our guests to bring a donation to the Hudson Mohawk Humane Society rather than a gift for Nathan.  This is always a hard decision to make because it seems un-birthday like to not bring a gift for the child and as a parent, I know some will be offended that we even suggested such a thing, but Nathan doesn't need or want for anything (PTL), so we offered it up as an option.

For those who made donations to the Humane Society in Nathan's name ~ THANK YOU!  For those who brought food and toys for the animals ~ THANK YOU!  For those that showered Nathan with birthday gifts - THANK YOU! 

We had fun bringing the donated items to the shelter and visiting with the animals.  We can't wait to do it again!  I've decided to make this a regular charity and fun event for our family.   It costs very little to buy some food, bones or toys and the joy on Nathan's face when he sees the animals is well worth it.  Besides, doing something good for the least among us, is a way of life in our family.

Thank you for making Nathan's 5th birthday a super-cool celebration and for your generous gifts!  We hope you enjoyed yourself as much as Nathan did!!