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Monday, April 8, 2013

What do Elmo, Cupid, Key Biscane and the Easter Bunny all have in common?

They're all part of this post!
It has become a Terry Family tradition to watch Nathan's friends from The Street every year when they're in Town, and even at the age of five, he still loves everything Elmo!  We imagine he will for quite some time, which is fine by us.  We love Elmo too and the Sesame Street videos, iPod Apps and books have a positive educational influence on Nathan.  Elmo teaches him his ABCs, how to trace letters, go to the potty, count and so much more. 
The weekend following the Superheros of Sesame Street show, Mommy took a few days to recharge her batteries at a far away place.  Nathan and Daddy enjoyed a fun weekend together, eating cupcakes coloring, dancing up a storm and Skyping with me!

Veggie Tales at work with Daddy.  Nathan's new favorite characters and movies. That's Bob the Tomato.

Love Skype!  No matter where we are - we're never too far away.  In hindsight, I should have brought some books with me to read to Nathan at night, but I didn't think of it until after I left.  We sang songs instead.  Although, I know the Five Little Monkey's off the top of my head, so reciting that was a snap!

talk about coloring book! This would keep anyone busy for a long time. 

Considering the timing of my girlfriend trip, I did zero planning for Valentine's Day, so when I returned home, I had about two days to get it together. Sigh... I needed something creative and quick, so I decided on an optical illusion card.  The most challenging aspect of this project was getting Nathan to make a fist that I could later thread a lollipop through.  It took a few takes, but we did eventually get something that worked! And, the final product was super cute and easy as pie!

 We also wanted to do something special for our little friends that didn't include something store bought that would probably get tossed away, so Nathan and I made some super colorful tie-dyed heart shaped crayons.  What preschooler wouldn't love these creative little crayons?

 They were a little more involved than I would have liked, given my time constraints.  The paper wasn't as easy to peel off as I thought it would be and it took a lot more crayons to make these hearts than I anticipated, but they came out awesome!

We put them in little valentines bags that said, "You Color My World."

Once Nathan turned five, we knew he could start participating in the Miracle League.  A sporting league for persons with special needs.  The current session is bowling.  We were excited this would be his inaugural sporting event because Daddy is also in a bowling league and this would be something fun just for the two of them.
 The first week, Nathan loved it and did really well.  The second week, he didn't love it so much and by the third week, he had had enough of bowling. 
As much as we want him involved in extra circular activities, we have no intention on forcing him to do so.  At the age of five, he doesn't quite understand what this is all about, so we thanked the League for allowing Nathan to participate for these three weeks and decided to wait until the next sporting activity and try that.  Soccer and baseball are next, so we'll give them a try and see how it goes.  We think he'll like soccer, but overtime will grow to love participating in all sports.  We just prefer it be on his timetable not ours.

Easter began with a fun trip to Liberty Ridge Farms, where Nathan visited and pet lots of little animals.  He participated in an Easter Egg hunt, had breakfast with lots of bacon and reluctantly hung out with the Easter Bunny.   Unfortunately, Nathan has been sick on and off for the past two weeks, so he was tired and not crazy about the big bunny.

After a long nap, we enjoyed the company of some friends for a pre-Easter celebration. We colored eggs, made homemade pizzas, decorated Easter cakes and had a visit from the Easter Bunny!!

The best part of the Easter Bunny's visit was, we never told anyone he was coming!  Everyone was surprised and those little faces tell confirm that story! 

I love this picture!
We really need some pictures on that wall!!  Yikes.
The Easter Bunny certain also came by the Terry Household during the night for Nathan.  He knows Nathan doesn't really eat candy, except for M&Ms and a few jelly beans or skittles, so he decided Bert and Ernie would be perfect for him and he was right!!  Nathan saw his basket and said, "Ernie, Bert!" 

He has fun with the Easter egg hunt, but once he found the eggs in the great room, he was done.  I'm still finding eggs around the house!
Nathan's Veggie Tales Lunchbox
Thanks to Embroidery & More for this lovely basket!

We hope you all enjoyed your Easter and celebrated the resurrection of our Lord and life everlasting. Thank you for those who thought of Nathan on Easter, we appreciate your generosity and thank you cards are forthcoming!  Nathan's home sick again today.  :-) Two weeks and counting....

Up next:  Our trip to Boston - The Children's Museum and the New England Aquarium